NSFAS Application Form 2024 Download: Online Portal

The NSFAS Online Application Form is available on the portal for 2024 – National Student Financial Aid Scheme has begun the reception of new applications in the 2024 / 2025 Academic Year. Check NSFAS, National Student Financial Aid Scheme Application Forms Online for 2024/2025.



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The Committee in charge of bursaries applications at National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for the 2024/2025 Academic Session brings to the notice of prospects the NSFAS Application Form. NSFAS encourages qualifying students who are registered in the 2024 / 2025 academic cycle and are without any other form of a bursary to enquire with their Financial Aid Office whether they qualify to apply during this window, prepare all the relevant supporting documents and apply as soon as the university gives you the go-ahead. Applications submitted after the closing date will not be considered.

NSFAS Application Form 2024

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme Application for 2024 / 2025 prospective students is underlined. Applications from qualified candidates are highly encouraged. You may need the Application form download in PDF and submitted to the body, however, to begin your application, follow the steps below:

Follow these quick steps to create a myNSFAS profile:

 1 Log onto www.nsfas.org.za
 2 Click on ‘register’
 3 Complete the required fields (ID number, cellphone number and email address)
 4 Upload a copy of your ID or birth certificate. If you are uploading a copy of a Smart ID, please ensure that both sides are visible on the copy
A One Time Pin to activate the account will be sent to the contact number you submitted. Once you have created a myNSFAS profile, You will then be able to apply online by following the few steps below:
 1 Click on ‘Apply’
 2 Complete all the required fields where applicable
 3 Upload all supporting documents
 4 reference number will be sent to your cellphone number and email address

We recommend You check on how to check your NSFAS Status online

Useful Links:

National Student Financial Aid Scheme Online Application Deadline

Applications will open for two weeks, from August 18, 2024 / 2025, to September 03, 2024 / 2025.

To check NSFAS Application Status 2024, You can bookmark this page so that You will get various application status updates like application List/Letters if any. Use the Online Application Login portal to check your application status 2024 also.

If at any point, the steps above appear tedious, feel free to leave a comment below and We’ll respond accordingly.

    • Please note that NSFAS no longer requires a signed consent form to allow for the verification of applicants’ details with third parties. Students can give consent by clicking on the box at the bottom of the page before submitting the application.


  • Students are not required to certify copies of their documents.

Please When You want to apply, We advise You to keep this tab open while the Application page is on another tab, just in case You run into an issue, You can look back at this post and drop a comment when necessary.

For more information and enquiries, you can contact the NSFAS by visiting the Institution’s official website


you can get in touch with Us through our contact information below. You can also drop a comment below and We will respond accordingly.

Neglect websites that pose to be accepting applications, Do not send any payments to Them, You will need to verify that the web page is authentic.

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  1. On the 19th of August 2021 I got an email from NSFAS saying that I have submitted a request to update my cellphone number and email address on myNSFAS account. I was also given a reference number (PRFRST2021081914203290) .

    I am registered student at the University of the Western Cape. I’m also one of the students who did not apply for NSFAS last year due to incomplete application. Therefore I submitted my request on myNSFAS account in this period of two weeks with the hope that on the 3rd of September 2021, everything will be sorted.

    On that email, NSFAS said they will communicate with me but now I’m still waiting as I keep checking my emails and SMSes regularly in time before the closing date of the applications.

    I’m afraid for the applications to close before everything is sorted for my NSFAS status because I’m still waiting for the communication from NSFAS of doing the next steps (uploading documents, etc).

    I hope after this message, something will come up for me before it’s too late and by the end of the week things will be sorted out for me.

    1. I believe they will resolve your issue, the deadline does not affect it. The deadline was for sending applications and I believe you had already applied. However, if there is any thing you were asked to do about it, we advise that you do so before the closing date.

  2. Good day
    Please assist me I got admitted at the Nwu this year i.dont rememba if I didn’t apply but time is not on my side people are getting their proof of registration whence on my account when I check my status it says. For more inquiries call…. n they dnt pick up😐

  3. Good day Sir/Madam
    I am a UNISA student with student number 61092754 and i have applied and have been approved in 2021 but i am not sure whether i have to re apply for the 2022 academic year, or if the previous application is still valid.

  4. Good day I applied but forgot to upload some documents please advise on what to do because each time I go and track for appeal it says invalid session

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