ApplicationSA is a website that helps South Africans submit applications more effectively.

Basically, our website provides a comprehensive information on Applications primarily in the Educational Sector but every other type of application is not left out .

The Basic Categories, We have are:

  1. Forms: This category carries most of the information on our website since most applications are performed through forms. To increase efficiency We have given a specific tag to every post, so One can easily get What He/She seeks.
  2. Prospectus: This category may be bit out of focus but We saw It necessary to include It, because before applying It is necessary to know about the establishment You are applying to.
  3. Portal: In addition to the form, applications can also be carried out via an online portal. In such case, this category is important so One can get the Comprehensive informatiom He/She is here for.
  4. Fees: Appliction Processes usually require a service fee charge, We also put this into consideration, hence the need for this category.
  5. Courses: Most Educational establishment require Its Aspirants to perform a special application for Courses, sometimes They require a service fee charge. We will give You the easiest way to do so.

To know more information about Us and What We have to offer, always feel free to contact us.