SA Universities Application 2025-2026

Are you considering applying to universities in South Africa for the 2025-2026 academic year? Look no further, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of when SA Universities Will Open 2025 Applications.



South Africa has a wide range of world-class universities, colleges, and TVET Institutions each with its unique strengths and specializations. The Application cycle in various public and even comprehensive universities begins the year preceding the year of study.

Don’t miss your chance to apply to these world-class universities in South Africa for the 2025 academic year. You will find in this article the list of respective opening dates for many public institutions in South Africa.

Please, It is quite common for there to be challenges while trying to apply for a particular institution, but don’t worry about It, just DROP YOUR COMPLAINTS below and We will respond to Them in every possible way. However, If We can’t, We will get support from Friends all over the web who can help You with It.

South African Universities Opening Dates for 2025 – 2026 Application

Here is the list of SA universities with their respective opening dates for 2025. With these application dates, the prospective student can prepare well in advance for admissions.

First on our list is the University of Cape Town, consistently ranked as the top university in Africa. With a focus on research and innovation, UCT offers a wide range of programs across six faculties, including health sciences, law, and engineering. Undergraduate Applications open on April 1st, and close on 31 July (see what it takes to be part of this university).


Next up is Stellenbosch University, located in the heart of the Western Cape Winelands. Known for its excellent facilities and diverse student body, Stellenbosch offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields such as agriculture, arts, and science. Applications for the 2025 intake is expected to open in April 2023 (click for more information).


The University of Pretoria, located in the capital city, offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across seven faculties, including economics, humanities, and natural sciences. Known for its strong research culture, UP is a great choice for students interested in pursuing advanced studies. Applications for undergraduates will open on 1st April, and study programmes applications close on 30 June, this excludes the programmes in the Faculty of
Veterinary Science which closes on 31 May (click for more information).


Rhodes University, located in the historic city of Grahamstown, offers a unique liberal arts education that emphasizes critical thinking and interdisciplinary learning. With a strong focus on social justice, Rhodes is a great choice for students who want to make a difference in their communities. Applications opening date are yet unknown (click to view application directions).


Last but not least, we have the University of the Witwatersrand, located in Johannesburg. With a rich history and a reputation for excellence in teaching and research, Wits offers programs in fields such as business, engineering, and health sciences. Applications are open from 1 March 2023 until 30 June 2024 and 30 September 2024 depending on your programme (more information).

Public Universities in South Africa 

The table below shows public universities, link to the application procedures and their respective opening date for applications.

1 University of Cape Town UCT APPLICATION [opens 1 April]
2 University of Fort Hare UFH Online Application [opens 1ST JUNE]
3 University of the Free State UFS Application Forms [APRIL]
4 University of KwaZulu-Natal Apply now to UKZN [APRIL]
5 University of Limpopo How to apply to UL [APRIL]
6 North-West University Apply online for NWU [APRIL]
7 University of Pretoria UP Steps to apply [1 APRIL]
8 Rhodes University See RU application dates [APRIL]
9 Sefako Makgatho University How to Apply for SMU [APRIL]
10 Stellenbosch University SUN APPLICATION 2025 [APRIL]
11 University of the Western Cape UWC APPLICATION 2025 [14TH MAY]
12 Wits University WITS South African Applications 2025 [now open]

Comprehensive Universities in South Africa Applications

The Comprehensive Universities in South Africa have been listed, If You want to know which university is open for application, click the link next to the university link on the list.


1 University of Johannesburg UJ Online Application
2 Nelson Mandela University NMU Application online 
3 University of South Africa Unisa online Application Form [August/September]
4 University of Venda Univen Application [JULY]
5 Walter Sisulu University WSU Forms [MAY]
6 University of Zululand UNIZULU Portal


Universities of Technology

Do You want to know about How to apply to Universities of Technology in South Africa with ease? It is simple, click on the links next to the University name to find out how to apply.

1 Cape Peninsula University of Technology CPUT opens 16 MAY 2023
2 Central University of Technology CUT opens JUNE/JULY
3 Durban University of Technology DUT not open, date unknown yet
4 Mangosuthu University of Technology MUT Admission Portal [OPENING DATE UNKNWON YET]
5 University of Mpumalanga UMP Applications opens 1ST JUNE
6 Sol Plaatje University SPU Applications [OPENING DATE UNKNOWN]
7 Tshwane University of Technology TUT Applications now OPEN (Apply Now)
8 Vaal University of Technology VUT Application opens in JUNE

<h2>SA Universities Application 2025

  1. Choose University: Before applying to any university, it’s important to research your options and find the institutions that best suit your academic interests and career goals.
  2. Check the admission requirements: To apply for admission to a South African university, you will need to meet the entry requirements for the specific program which may include a certain minimum grade point average, specific high school courses, and other criteria.
  3. Submit your application: You need to complete an application form, many universities only accept online applications, but exceptions may apply to some categories of applications. The University/College will collect your contact information, academic history, test scores, and essays. For International Students, you may have to provide a passport number, VISA, or study permit.
  4. Upload supporting documents: Many South African Universities require supporting documents, you may need to submit transcripts, proof of language proficiency, and other documents to verify your academic qualifications.
  5. Pay the application fee: You may have to submit payment receipts for the application fee, though many universities do not collect application fees. Complete your application before the deadline.
  6. Wait for a response: The University will process your application but your application may not be processed if you do not complete the application. The process before the admission outcome can take several weeks or months, depending on the institution.
  7. Monitor application status: You will have to monitor your application, some universities provide a separate portal while others notify their prospective students via SMS and email. When you receive an offer, you may be required to accept or decline the offer.


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  1. I really need to study but I always get rejected with student number.i don’t know wat I’m suppose to do.i need your help

  2. I have applied and they put me in a waiting list in the central university and they said they’ll alert me on february they are still waiting for matric result,suddenly when I check on my application status it is written that it does not exist anymore meaning I never applied at all

    1. Please you have to contact the management, it is possible they have already taken a decision with regards to your admission. You have to contact the admissions office. If you need the admissions office address, please reply to this comment

  3. I applied in Central University and I had long been on the waiting list I check my status daily and now it is March .how long will I not know whether I’m rejected or is there any promise that it will change

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