UNISA Exam Results Release Dates 2020 – How to check

UNISA Exam Results Release Dates 2020 – See details on How to check the results for University of South Africa Results and know the dates for 2020/2021.

UNISA Exam Results Release Dates 2020 - How to check

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Register on myUnisa and indicate that you would like to receive your results via e-mail to your result. You can also get the Hard copies of examination results that will be mailed after the official release/printing date.

UNISA Exam Results Release Dates for 2020

When it comes to the ‘How’ of receiving feedback on exam results, there are two (2) options that Unisa students can use to find out their exam results:

1. myUnisa: If you are a Unisa student, you would know of myUnisa. Students can find out on myUnisa (register here) whether they want to receive their exam results via your email/myLife email account.

Alternatively, students can also head onto myUnisa and find out their exam results. Log onto myUnisa and click on ‘My Admin’. Once there, click on ‘Exam Results’ and students will be able to view their exam results.

Exam results are uploaded overnight onto myUnisa. Students need only to look once a day whether exam results have been released or not.

2. Post: Students will also receive their examination results via post, with exam results to be released on the scheduled release date (unless stated otherwise with regards to outstanding fees/library books owed).

For students that have written their exams and in turn, completed their qualification, these are the following dates to keep an eye out for on when students will receive notice about the completion of their qualification:

  • Students who wrote in the May/June 2020 exams will be notified from the end of August 2020 and onwards;
  • Students who wrote in the October/November 2020 exams will be notified from the end of January 2021 and onward.
Examination period Date of release
January / February 2020 27 March 2020
May / June 2020 20 July 2020
October / November 2020 28 December 2020

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NB. Once again, students with outstanding study fees/books will not have their exam results released until all debts are paid in full. It’s the students’ prerogative to make sure that their fees are paid in full as to receive their results and in turn, moving onto the next step of their qualification.

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