TUT: Tshwane University of Technology Acceptance Letter Release

The Tshwane University of Technology (also known as TUT) announces the release of the acceptance letter for admission of prospective students in 2021/2022. Review how to check your TUT admission status 2021 for free to know if your Tshwane University of Technology Acceptance Form 2021 is ready. Keep reading to see How to check your Tshwane University of Technology application status.

The TUT Letter of Acceptance is an official document sent to a Candidate to show that He/She has accepted an offer of admission, it is given to a candidate to Let the person know that He/She has accepted the TUT admission offer 2021.

The Admission Letter is sent after You accept the Tshwane University of Technology to admit You, it comes from the Registrar’s office and is the most important document in your admission file.

You are given the choice to either accept or reject your admission, you must know that You are yet to be admitted unless You accept your admission.

You have to think about these two options, You can reject admission if the need arise or You can simply accept it. It is easier to cancel the offer after accepting it , but it’s somewhat difficult to admit a Candidate who rejected the offer of admission.

To accept your admission, You have to complete the TUT Acceptance Form 2021, and submit it to the Institution before the closing date. the Closing date usually ends in September, but it varies sometimes.

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Tshwane University of Technology Acceptance Letter Release

The TUT acceptance letter will be only given to those Who were offered admission. On getting a notification on your admission, follow these steps also to check your CAO Application Status 2021:

  • To check your status, visit www.tut.ac.za
  • Login with your details
  • Check to see If You have been offered admission
  • If successful, You will be given instructions on How to acceept Admission offer on the form and download the acceptance letter
  • On acceptance, the TUT Admission Letter will be sent to You.

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If You were notified of your admission and still have problems with downloading your acceptance letter, contact the administration office of this institution. Make sure You confirm your Tshwane University of Technology Application status before making enquires to avoid complications. You can also leave a comment below or send an email to applicationsouthafrica@gmail.com and We will respond,


You can ask your question on the email You will send to Us. We prefer that You post your questions because It is easier, faster and You get to discuss your issue.

However, If You can not still get the acceptance letter, it is possible the Institution did not admit You, the Tshwane University of Technology Acceptance rate is high and It is bound to be competitive.

We hope this information on Tshwane University of Technology Admission helps You complete your acceptance form successfully.

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  1. Angel Zefanias
    My status says unconditional acceptance but o did not receive an acceptance letter
    Student number 222232341

  2. My status says outstanding documents but I submitted All the documents I even paid an application fee and a proof of payment

  3. I’ve just checked my status and still says Documents oustanding but i uploaded all required documents. PLEASE ASSIST

    1. It is possible the documents you uploaded were not valid and hence they were not accepted. However, you have to confirm that this is the case with you

  4. When I check my application status it says unconditional acceptance and I got the acceptance letter yesterday but now I do not know as to how I accept the offer and I fear that time is running out please do help me .

  5. I got accepted but i am failing to register although i paid the registration fee ana uploaded required documents

  6. My status says unconditional acceptance but I haven’t received an option for agree on my admission , what can I do ?
    When my residence application is approved will I receive an email saying that it has been approved as I am still on the waiting list ?

  7. I applied early last year but still haven’t got a reply my status says “admission without status” wanna know how long is it gonna take for me to get a reply?

  8. Good day
    i have uploaded all the document, however no status has been said as yet. it just show both courses that i applied for. does that mean i wasn’t accepted. i would apricate if I could get communication or rejection letter that state i was not accepted so i can move on and know what to do from here. please advice if weather i am accepted or rejected Student : 222707188

  9. I got Admission but I can’t download Acceptance letter, I want to know how do I download. I can’t find the link on System??

  10. Its been months now waiting for tut response regarding my application status…my application status says outstanding received since last month it’s hasn’t changed..help me

  11. Hi.I got accepted at TUT. But i didn’t receive acceptance letter. What should i do so that i can receive it?.Please help me.

  12. What is Really Going I Uploaded My Documents 5 Times Bt Status Keep On Saying Money/NSC/Grade11/ID
    Like Really I’m Stucked I dont know what to do Tut It Aint Saying anything
    Tut Please Communicate With First Students Most People Are Lamenting We Aint Happy

  13. Admission without status its been weeks and still no clear status on what’s really going on with our applications plz tut respond we waiting

  14. My application status says admission without status when is it going to change I need the acceptance letter before the 31st of march or I’ll loose my bursary please help

  15. My application status says money omitted but I paid and uploaded my proof of payment
    I’ve been contacting but they put me on hold
    Please help

  16. Im unconditionally accepted on mi status for 2022 but haven’t yet receive acceptance letter.. what should I do

  17. I uploaded all my documents and pay the application fee,but when i check my status it says outstanding documents, what should I do

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