South African Government Bursaries Scholarship 2021

South African Government Bursaries Scholarship Programme 2021

The South African Government Bursaries are currently looking to fund undergraduates looking for scholarships.

Each Provincial Government in South Africa offers a Provincial Government Bursary Programme. These Government bursaries are rare, so it’s advisable to apply for these opportunities at the earliest convenience.

What Government Bursaries Cover

Similar to other bursaries, government bursaries generally cover registration fees, tuition, accommodation allowance, living costs, books and materials. Usually the allocation to each student is capped at a specific value, however, where the higher education institute charges more than the capped value, the bursars will have to top up from their own funds.
Government bursaries are often required to be paid back in service, therefore these bursaries will be suited to candidates looking to follow a career within a government department or local municipality. Here are some pros and cons to working in government:

Pros to Working for Government

Working for government can come with great benefits. Benefits such as health insurance, retirement funds and leave time are extremely competitive to other sectors. Salaries are generally also competitive with non-profit and private sectors with the opportunity to increase fairly quickly for those with strong education and experience.
Choosing to work for the government also allows you to choose where you want to live. No matter where the location, chances are you’ll be able to find government work in that area.
The government sector is extremely diverse and offers opportunity in a wide array of fields. A few examples of these include: Department of Health, Tourism, Agriculture, Education and Energy. The list goes on. The government offers excellent training and development opportunities too.

Cons to Working for Government

Bureaucracy and red tape: Because the government sector is so large, it requires a complex system of rules and regulations to manage all the agencies and programs which can tend to be frustrating.
Often the hiring process for government organisations can be tedious. However, by applying for a government bursary and being given the opportunity to pay back in service, you avoid the hassle of applying and going through a lengthy interview process.
Choosing a career path in government can be tough if you like to see immediate results. Often the process of getting things done takes a certain amount of perseverance and a good positive attitude.

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