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MyNSFAS Student Portal Login – National Student Financial Aid Scheme/NSFAS Portal for login, bursary application & payment status check, registration, forgotten passwords, online applications, etc.


MyNSFAS Student Portal Login

NSFAS Student login problems, application status, NSFAS Portal login, forgotten password reset, blackboard, track application and progress…

The NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) has enabled the official MYNSFAS portal to assist students to perform certain online tasks. These online tasks include applications, registrations, fee payments, application and payment status check, etc.

If you are looking for the NSFAS Official account Login Portal link, this information will be of great use and You can access It easily here.

How portal works

If you’re a South African student looking to apply for financial assistance to fund your tertiary education, you’ll be happy to know that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has made the application process even easier through their online portal.

To use the MyNSFAS student portal, students need to create an account and log in. Once logged in, students can access a range of services, including:

  1. Applying for funding: Students can apply for financial aid through the portal. The application process is simple and straightforward, with step-by-step instructions provided to guide students through the process.
  2. Checking the status of their application: After submitting an application, students can use the portal to check the status of their application. This helps to keep students informed about the progress of their funding request.
  3. Managing their account: The portal also allows students to manage their finances. Students can view their funding balance, check payment dates, and update their personal information.

MYNSFAS Student Portal Login

The MyNSFAS student portal is an essential tool for students who rely on financial aid to fund their studies. Without this platform, students would need to visit NSFAS offices in person to apply for funding, which can be time-consuming and difficult for students who live far from these offices.

To access the NSFAS online portal, make use of the various links below which are as follows:

To apply for financial assistance through the NSFAS portal, you’ll need to create an account and provide your personal and academic information.

  • Refer to National Student Financial Aid Scheme application guide for further clarifications.


Probably you want to forward an appeal, check how to appeal for reconsideration on the portal.

Current NSFAS beneficiaries are required to create an account on the new platform.

Resetting Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your MY NSFAS student portal password simply follow these steps:

  1. At the login page, Click the ‘forgot password‘ link
  2. Enter your application ID number
  3. Select the option you still have access to
  4. Click ‘send code’
  5. NSFAS will send a One Time Pin (OTP) valid for 24 hours to the cellphone number and email you provided
  6. Type the OTP number sent to you in the input area.
  7. Submit
  8. A link to reset your login details will be sent to you via email and SMS
  9. Click on the link that was received through SMS or email
  10. Follow the lead to create a new password.

The portal can be accessed using any computer or Mobile Phone that is capable of surfing the web.

STudents who submitted applications can also track their progress through the NSFAS portal. You will receive updates on the status of your application and any additional information or documentation that may be required.

Still having troubles, kindly LEAVE A COMMENT below and we will respond to it as soon as possible. A mere visit to the official online portal should not be a problem at all, what You just need is the link. The main problem here is How to successfully perform some tasks on the page. If this is the case, feel free to comment below or Contact Us.

Guess this information on My NSFAS Student Portal Login was helpful, If Yes, then share with others. If It was not of much help to You, feel free to tell Us What the problem is, and We will assist You further.

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  1. Dear nsfas

    I would like to do appeal form of nsfas i didn’t do well in my modules because i was had lot of problem my mother past away.i was move from Pietermarzburg to ixopo where by i didn’t find enough network to write my examnation the reason i failed i was stress of lousing my mother and the situation was really bad cause she is the only person i was had

  2. Dear NSFAS
    I am Slindile Mkhwanazi NSFAS applicant,I have been trying to track my application status since two weeks back there is no tick yet I was at funding eligibility process so I would like to know what going on.and m running out of time for registering to North West university

  3. Dear NSFAS

    I am Karel Mnisi, I have been uploading documents from day 1, I don’t know what to upload anymore because it has been saying I should upload an affidavit by me and my parent as to why I changed my NSFAS account details but I have never changed anything. I don’t know what to upload anymore please assist me

    Thank you

  4. Dear nsfas I would like to appeal I am second year student who did not did well last year on my modules,the results I received via sms did not correspond to what I got in my results statements,please help me as soon as possible,I wish my appeal could be taken in to consideration

  5. I keep getting messages that I should submit missing documents. Where can I submit them because there isn’t an option on my potal.

  6. Dear NSFAS
    I AM Nokubonga Bongiwe Nhleko nsfas applicatant. I always check my application status since 3months back.The tick was stuck to the validation but now if track my application there is no tick. I would like to know what going on. And am also running out of time foe registration at unisa .
    Thank you.

  7. My student portal also tells me that it’s blocked and I should reset the password, I did that and still kicks me out and I only have to send one document that’s more visible than the one I sent . How do I get to send it if I can’t access the portal ?

  8. Dear nsfas I ask to do transfer for nsfas as I was from other institution northlink college in 2020 so now in 2021 am at cput Wellington campus. As I also have a module I failed I ask nsfas to give me a chance to transfer to another institution continue funding me at cput university

  9. Dear NSFAS ,I’m Zandile Prisca Ntshangase,I’m the finally student at UniSA,so my problem is the blocked of my account of NSFAS , I’m trying to reset and then it will be ok ,but now it’s still blocked again but the affidavit asked by NSFAS to send is already sent,but now I’m not able to login again as I state to my affidavit say that my information of emplyment appearing to NSFAS is for my previous employment because now from 2018 I was not working till today,I was trying to update the new personal details but the system denael I don’t know why so I’m struggling to get finish my profession because im not able to pay my study,I did not get even all allowences last year it is so painfull to me to loose my career by the way please assist me what can I do now? Thank you by Grace.

  10. Dear nsfas im Gontse Letebele I cant connect to my nsfas portal it says my ID profile does not exist i tried resetting my password and username it still tells me my ID does not exist

  11. Dear NSFAS
    I have been trying to register on the student portal but I don’t succeed in doing that what can I do, I need money and help please
    Thank you
    Mabasia Mokoena

  12. Dear NSFAS last month I checked my status and there was no ticks but now if i try to login to nsfas. Org. Za it fails

  13. Hie nsfas can you help me please .My wallet password has been locked.please help me to unlocked it.n since January i send n email on nsfas but no respond.even nsfas chat no respond

  14. Dear nsfas

    I have been trying to track my status since last month but the is no sign of anything and I’m running late for my registration at unisa please help.

  15. Dear NSFAS
    I am Lizeka Mayekisa,i’m an NSFAS applicant i have a problem when i check my status ticks are gone.At first they where on funding eligibility but now gone, application status says application still in progress.I already registered at Central university of technology for this year.please help

  16. Me too I my nsfas portal says my password is incorrect and I did try to reset but I says the same thing

  17. Hi am NOTHANDO,I would like to ask ask a question because ever since I’ve sent myvapplication to nsfas ;not even a single tick has appeared so I would like to know what’s happening? And am already a student at GS COLLEGE

  18. dear NSFAS
    I just want to ask when are we going to get our allowance, i am currently studying at motheo tvet college at botshabelo campus doing N6. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.

  19. Hi NSFAS I’m Philasande Gumede I have a problem in paying my accomodation when I Reply yes it says that it failed to pay

  20. Dear NSFAS
    Im Andile Precious Shelembe i have a problem for nsfas when i log in into my account it says ivalid password and username even if isaid iforgot my usernam and password it says my id number is invalid

  21. I am a student at South Cape College in Hessequa Campus ID number 9307245373089
    I have been trying to access my NASFAS account but struggling, haven’t been paid two months now may is going to be the Third

    please assist

    kind Respects

  22. Hi,I am miss Molutsoane M.R with the following student number 2009086832.I have a problem when I login the laptop link provided by UFS using my UFS credentials which are my student number and blackboard password. I wanted to decline the offer but the system keeps on saying invalid username and password combination and even ICT couldn’t help me .I didn’t get my remaining book allowance because I couldn’t login into the student laptops link. Please help me.What must I do ?

  23. My profile was blocked,I dont understand why because I used the right email & password. Now Ive been seeking for help to unlock my celbux allowance from last year December 2020. Can someone help me please.

  24. Hi , i hope this enquiry finds you in good health. in 2019 i applied for Nsfas for year 2020 but my application was unsuccessful because i didnt get admitted at the university due to failure of accademic requirements .I applied again last year for this year but when i check my year status it says 2020 and still awaiting for data registration from the institution . i am a first year and already started with my classes . should i appeal ?

  25. Hy im precious lightness I apply last year nesfas and I check on sassa it say nesfas registered sasaa decline ..and now I want to apply aty technivene it can find me?

  26. I am an nsfas accredited student but when I try to login it says the profile does not exist and I have not received allowance. I do not know who to consult about this issue.

  27. Dear sir/madam I would like to do follow up on my nsfas funding I have not received my allowance from nsfas till now I am studying at Tvet college and new trimester already stated by my side I am not yet registered.
    Yours sincerely Michael T Phikwa.


  29. Dear Nsfas someone changed my email address and cell phone number on my Nsfas account will this effect me from getting an SMS?

  30. Dear .nsfas .. I am lusanda maqamndana. Doing first trimester at TVET College ..and I have not received my nsfas password yet.

  31. Dear NSFAS,
    I’m a registered student at UWC. I matriculated last year then applied for NSFAS last year. Unfortunately my application was unsuccessful due to incomplete application and not uploading documents, also I accidently lost an email address, cellphone number and a password. When the applications were opened for two weeks, I tried my luck and updated the details that I am currently using. I got an email from NSFAS saying that they will get back to me but they havent. I have been waiting since the 19th of August still now. I am really worried because the applications are closing tomorrow but there is no progress.

  32. Dear NSFAS
    I have applied but i forgot my password and i am no longer using the email i applied with.I tried doing the ‘forgot password’ method but it failed.I also tried calling the NSFAS toll free but no response.I am stuck.

  33. Hi I’m Lindelwa Mqadi, I’ve been trying to re apply for nsfas, but it’s says my ID number has been registered, and I signed in with my account n now I ought to change the year n to re upload my documents but I can’t find the option that says apload your documents I shall I do

    1. There are many possible causes for this problem, it is either you do not have cookies enabled on your browser, you do not have a compatible device, or most likely the email and password entered is incorrect.
      First, try again on another device may be a laptop if possible to be sure the fault is not from your device or browser cookies.
      Second, confirm that it is the correct email address, check your recent emails to see if NSFAS had in one time sent your login information so you can confirm from there. You can also try resetting your password

  34. Dear Nsfas i had a problem with my email so i would like to know if someone can assist me on how to change an email adress thank you

  35. Dear NSFAS
    I also have a problem when logging into my account, it tells me that my profile does not exist, so please help me

  36. Dear NSFAS I’m sinofefe Tom .I do apply for NSFAS but even now I didn’t get message that say I’m approved or not.yet I’m struggling to log in even if I log in my status doesn’t show anything…. and I’m a UJ student so may your please help me course I started to struggle with place that I stayed at they want their money NSFAS is my only hope.. Thanks you.

  37. Dear NSFAS my name is Nonkululeko Precious Mkhwanazi.. I had applied for NSFAS but it says my names does not match..plz sign in for me here are my names above

  38. Dear Nsfas
    Am I gonna be funded if apply for second semester
    Nsfas funded me last year but I didn’t get school do I have to re- apply

  39. Dear NSFAS
    I registered with NSFAS last year, when I check my status it says invalid username and password I tried fixing it but still even the student portal don`t show anymore it`s only the advertisement showing. Please help me.

  40. When I apply I didn’t include my parents Information so now I want to upload them so I don’t know I will upload them

  41. Good day,
    My grand daughter’s status Chantell Buthelezi says AWAITING EVALUATION, whats the delay as now will be expelled from varsity.kindly respond

    1. it could mean that you have missing documents, please check your status, or ensure you made your application the right way. You can call 0860 247 653. Regards.

  42. This is Zaakirah Cassim a third year student of Unisa how do I apply for a free laptop.

    Please help me.

  43. Good day
    My name is Zanuka Kwazikwakhe I can’t log into my account, since yesterday. I am at University of Fort Hare. Last I checked I was provisionally funded. Yesterday I went to finance department here in UFH to ask whether they have sent registration data, the brother working there told me that NSFAS is done funding students I must go. I found it hard to believe him for the matter of before we close, they told us we are going to be funded in the second semester.

  44. Good morning
    This is Simamkele Maseko, a first year student at VUT. My status on myNSFAS says registration approved but I have not received any allowances from April until now.
    Please help me.

  45. Good afternoon
    My name is Thuthuka Mhlungu, a first year student in UKZN. My NSFAS status says waiting evaluation ever since I applied.

    Please help me.

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