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The Matric Past exam papers 2010 PDF Download is a very easy process, the issue  here is how to get the best out of all of these questions, Answer books and every other revision materials. If You are among the Candidates that will be writing Matric exams this year, this article is for You. Start practicing It consistently as soon as You get the past paper and You will see good results.

The 2010 past Papers PDF will prepare You for the upcoming 2020 National Senior Certificate (also known as Matric) Exams, and We believe that past questions are really worth It in revising for NSC examinations. There are no new questions, it’s just a repetition of already-set questions but in a different tricky form, so If I were You I would get as much past questions as possible to get an edge in the Exam.

How to Get Matric Past exam papers 2010

We are making efforts to start the compilation of all the past revision Papers, in which once You click download link, all the exam paper questions and answers for all the subjects will be sent to You. This will save the time of downloading each past paper one by one. then the content You will have at hand for every order will be:

  • Past Question
  • Answer
  • Prediction Questions 2020

However, We will require a little token from You as the case may be, because the compilation process requires fund. How the whole process will go for You to get the exam papers will be provided on the link below⬇️.

Review the Past Matric Exam Papers Master Page

We prefer You buy from Us, it is safer and there are more features when compared to the free ones below. We will send the Matric Past  Paper PDF to your email for You to download and study. But If You download the free version on this page, certainly the 2010 marking schemes may be limited and obviously the Matric prediction questions will be excluded.

Matric Past Questions and Answers

The 2010 past questions and their respective Answer books have been made available on the list below. All You need to do is click on the subject that You want a past paper of and then You are good to go. They are arranged in alphabetical order as follows:


  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • CRE
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Kiswahili
  • Mathematics
  • Physics


Once You have successful collected the Memos It is time for revision. Put in your best and get the best out of your Matric Exams.

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Review the tips in the next heading on how to use past papers more effectively.

How to Use Past Papers more effectively

  1. Study all the materials pertaining to the subject as though You are preparing for a pre-exam with the past paper.
  2. Open the past paper for the subject You were reading on and start working on It.
  3. Try to complete answering all the questions at the time that is allocated.
  4. Try to get a quiet place to study, tell your parents/friends to leave You alone to complete it in silence and without disturbance, tell them you want to do it under exam conditions.
  5. DO NOT check your books for How to answer a question while you are working on the paper. You can skip the question and come back to It later (within the time allocated for the exam) as in a real Examination
  6. After You are done with giving answers to the questions, check over it again and use the marking scheme to give yourself a mark. Be strict with scoring yourself, it’s better to fail in the practice examination than in the real Matric Exams.
  7. After scoring yourself, get to know the mistakes You made and Why You were wrong/right in some of the questions. Go over your notes and reading materials, study the topic regarding the question You answered and If You doubt any answer, feel free to contact your teacher or note.
  8. Come back to study the Matric Past papers 2010 after two to three weeks, this time focus on the questions You got wrong the last time and try to answer them correctly this time without referring to any textbook or external resource.

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We guess this information on Matric 2010 papers was really helpful, tell Us What You think in the comment session below. We wish to hear your views, do not forget to use the share buttons below to share with friends.

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