Matric 2023 Timetable: Check Exams Dates November

Matric 2023 Timetable: Review Exams Dates, Requirements & Instructions… National Senior Certificate, NSC Timetable 2023 has been released for 2023/2024 academic year.

NSC 2023 Matric Timetable: Download Official Exams Dates, Requirements & Instructions

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Matric 2023 Timetable is available on this page. The Kenya National Examination Council, NSC has published the 2023 National Senior Certificate Timetable for School Candidates.

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Matric Exams Timetable May/June 2023

How to Prepare before the Dates on the timetable

  1. Study all the materials pertaining to the subject as though You are preparing for a pre-exam with the past paper.
  2. Open the past paper for the subject You were reading on and start working on It.
  3. Try to complete answering all the questions at the time that is allocated.
  4. Try to get a quiet place to study, tell your parents/friends to leave You alone to complete it in silence and without disturbance, tell them you want to do it under exam conditions.
  5. DO NOT check your books for How to answer a question while you are working on the paper. You can skip the question and come back to It later (within the time allocated for the exam) as in a real Examination
  6. After You are done with giving answers to the questions, check over it again and use the marking scheme to give yourself a mark. Be strict with scoring yourself, it’s better to fail in the practice examination than in the real KCSE Exams.
  7. After scoring yourself, get to know the mistakes You made and Why You were wrong/right in some of the questions. Go over your notes and reading materials, study the topic regarding the question You answered and If You doubt any answer, feel free to contact your teacher or note.
  8. Come back to study the Past paper after two to three weeks, this time focus on the questions You got wrong the last time and try to answer them correctly this time without referring to any textbook or external resource.

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