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WWF-SA Jobs 2020 are available for those qualified. Apply now for the WWF-SA job postions before the closing date.

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The Employment board of WWF-SA announces job positions that are available for Applicants. The WWF-SA Vacancies comes with requirements which One must meet to stand a chance.

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WWF is the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisation, with over 6 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

WWF South Africa (WWF-SA) is a national office that is part of the WWF network. We are a local NGO that has worked for 50 years with the aim of inspiring all South Africans to live in harmony with nature, for the benefit of our country and the wellbeing of all our people. Our work is challenging and exciting and we love what we do. To join our team you need to be brilliant at what you do, passionate, results-orientated and have a positive attitude.

WWF-SA, in partnership with ABALOBI ICT4Fisheries (ABALOBI), the Council for Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Government of Flanders, has recently embarked on a 3-year project looking to build resilience amongst coastal communities to the anticipated effects of climate change. The overall objective of the project is to build climate resilience of coastal communities and ecosystems through implementing participatory and integrated community and ecosystem-based adaptation activities to improve food and livelihood security. In line with that objective and in collaboration with these partners, WWF-SA will be undertaking a series of projects in three coastal communities in the Kogelberg region in the Western Cape as well as the area of Hamburg in the Eastern Cape. The purpose of this position is to oversee and support the implementation of various community-based projects in the Hamburg area.


Job Title: WWF-SA Community Liaison Officer
Location: East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Reference: WWF-SA Community Liaison Officer1#
Contract Type: Contract 24 Months

The WWF-SA Community Liaison Officer in Hamburg will be responsible for the following actions:
1.In collaboration with project partners, support the co-design of feasibility assessments and implementation of Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA) activities with the Hamburg rural coastal community and small-scale fishers, including:

  • The organisation of Hamburg community members and relevant stakeholders for the hosting of an inception workshop and Rapid Vulnerability Assessment (RVA);
  • Supporting the drafting of the feasibility and sustainability assessments informed by local climatic conditions; and
  • Supporting the introduction and implementation of proposed EBAs and/or ecotourism activities with the Hamburg community and relevant stakeholders.
    2.Oversee the diversification of livelihoods and, dependent on the outcomes of a feasibility study, the introduction of aquaculture farming activities, including:
  • Awareness raising and introduction to the relevant technology and/or aquaponics technology and benefits as an alternative source of food and livelihoods;
  • Supporting training initiatives for communities (particularly women and youth) on the construction, operation and maintenance of the relevant infrastructure developed and/or aquaponics system;
  • Facilitating the construction of pilot systems and/or aquaponics systems at six households per site for the initial years of the project. In the final year construction of small-scale commercial aquaponics system will take place; and
  • Assisting to secure local market access for the fish and vegetables harvested from the household and commercial aquaponics system.
    3.Support ABALOBI in the implementation of ABALOBI Fisher and ABALOBI Marketplace, including:
  • Assisting with the roll-out of the ABALOBI Fisher application in the targeted small-scale fisher community in Hamburg; and
  • Assisting with the uptake of the ABALOBI Marketplace and ABALOBI Co-operative applications by the Hamburg fishing community and surrounding restaurants.
    4.Oversee the implementation of community-based research project, including:
  • Partnering with relevant research agencies or institutions to implement a community-driven Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUVs) or alternative community-based citizen science research project with the Hamburg coastal community;
  • Coordinate Hamburg small-scale fishers taking part in the project and facilitate exchanges between project partners and the Kogelberg small-scale fishing communities;
  • Integrate outcomes of the community-driven BRUVs research project or alternative community-based citizen science research project into a suitable mapping and display platform; and
    oWork with the WWF-SA Marine Scientist to have the findings of this research project presented to DEFF to enrich fisheries management through fora such as the DEFF Linefish SWG.
    5.Support ABALOBI in the “Adapting to our Coastal Climate Initiative: Awareness raising, capacity building and skills development” project
    6.Engage with a variety of local stakeholders, including government, NGOs and corporates to establish and convene a project management team, including:
  • Facilitating quarterly meetings of the project management team;
  • Providing regular feedback to the project management team; and
  • Circulating agendas ahead of meetings and capturing and circulating meeting minutes to all relevant stakeholders timeously.
    7.Support the development of relevant Monitoring and Evaluation indicators for the Hamburg component of the overall project and track the progress of this component
    8.Perform further duties as specified by the Sustainable Fisheries Manager including inter alia:
  • Maintain and run the local WWF-SA project office in Hamburg, including the purchasing of office computers and equipment;
  • Manage and report on overall financials and progress for the position and the relevant projects;
  • Support the drafting of narrative and financial reports as required by the Government of Flanders;
  • Work with WWF-SA Communications team on small-scale fisheries related communications activities, including events, awareness materials, public queries, newsletters, etc.; and
  • When appropriate act as a representative spokesperson for WWF South Africa on local and regional fora.

•A tertiary qualification in fisheries management, marine biology, natural resources, environmental management, or related to project management and small business development
•2-3 years professional experience in the related field
•A proven track record of working with and/or managing small business enterprises (specific experience in managing the activities of a co-operative/communities or working in a seafood handling environment will be advantageous)
•Work experience of managing different stakeholders would be advantageous, specifically experience in working with small-scale fishing communities
•Proficiency in all Microsoft Office programmes
•Articulate and a confident communicator in English and isiXhosa (written and verbal), with strong networking skills.
•Self-motivated with strong administrative and project management skills
•A passion for environmental and conservation issues, and an understanding of the connection between community-related societal issues and the environment.
•Must work well independently and have a positive attitude
•Must be willing to be based in the Hamburg area and willing to travel both domestically and internationally if required.
•The position is rated as C-Lower on the Paterson Grading Scale with a commensurate salary
•Driver’s licence (own vehicle required) and own transport is essential.

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Application Deadline: 17/04/2020

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