Walter Sisulu University Student Portal Login

Walter Sisulu University Student Portal Login – WSU Portal links for application status checking, registrations, e-learning, online applications and so on.

Walter Sisulu University Student Portal Login -


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The Walter Sisulu University (WSU) has enabled the official Student Portal for both students and staffs to perform certain online tasks on the site. These online tasks include: applications, registrations, fee payments, admission letters download, application status 2020, etc.

If you are looking for the Walter Sisulu University Official Login Portal link, this information will be of a great use and You can access It easily here.

Walter Sisulu University (WSU) Student Portal Login

To access the online portal, make use of the various links below which are as follows:

The portal can be accessed using any computer or Mobile Phone that is capable of surfing the web. Tasks such as: Course Registration, Fees Payment, Exam Results, Admission Online Application, Application Status, Acceptance Fees Payment, Timetable, Academic Calendar, Application Status can be carried out easily on the portal.

Still having troubles, kindly LEAVE A COMMENT below and we will respond to it as soon as possible. A mere visit to the Walter Sisulu University portal should not be a problem at all, what You just need is the link. The main problem here is How to successfully perform some exercises or tasks on the page. So If such cases arise, feel free to comment below or contact Us.

Guess this information ON Walter Sisulu University Student Portal Login was helpful, If Yes, then share with others. If It was not of much help to You, feel free to tell Us of What the problem is, and We will assist You further.

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  1. System does not accept my details,I can’t login to studentmail or wiseup it keep on saying “incorrect username or password” but they are both correct

    1. You will have to access your old email, the email you used for registration to change your password,If You have forgotten the password to your old email, You can reset your Gmail password, just go to and click forgot password, but make sure You verify your identity

  2. I want to for BA and my choice are already reached 4 which is max so how can I apply for BA on 2020 or how can I remove the other choice so that I can apply for BA course

  3. Hi I would like to update my cell phone number on my student portal account, I am unable to access it and I am very worried I might not receive the 10G of data because of this please help me it’s urgent

  4. my student portal account has been locked due to maximum attempts so it says i must contact wsu web system administrator to reset my student portal account so i need help to unlock my student portal account

  5. My student portal account has been blocked,ive forgotten my login pin . Help please
    I need to apply for Pgce for 2021

  6. My student portal has been locked due to maximum login attempts. it say i need to contact system administrator. please help

    1. I suggest you try it again, I think it is just a security feature. It was just temporarily locked

  7. Can you please help me with my password or pin. I haven’t used them since 2018 I don’t have a student card to check the password I want to apply for advanced diploma.

  8. Good day I would love to appt for advance diploma and the system locked me after exceeding attempt of login. My student number is 207020264. Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi I have applied for sports management and my status state that I should submit my sports record and I am struggling to upload my sports record,how do I upload?

  10. I have been trying to apply months ago and it seems i don’t qualify for any courses offered at any Walter Sisulu university i don’t know maybe your system is faulty because i actually do qualify in other universities,please enlighten me what am i doing wrong

  11. hi
    i was excluded by mistake then I sent an email but still my subjects are not showing still what to do please help

  12. I forgot my pin & my student no. I’d love to re-apply, how can i find em so that i could be able to finish my application.

  13. I had a problem with my academic preferences, its suppose to be 1st choice
    in the application but when I received my application verification it 12 instead of 1st .I don’t know what to do for correction .and I also want help on how to add 3rd and 4th choice

    1. It depends, If You forgot the password, simply reset your password, a mail will be sent to your email with the link to change your password. If You forgot other details, You may have to contact the administration with proof of identity and They will sort it out for You

  14. I haven’t been receiving data please assist and I’m struggling to do my school work. I’ve updated my details long time ago but still not receiving data.

    1. There are a few things to try, check the email you used in registering for any of this information, or you can consult WSU for information regarding lost student number or login

  15. I have a problem ,when I’m checking my application status said not yet captured i dont know what to do please help

  16. I was a student at WSU in 2003 so when I try to login they request me to enter the pin off which I do not know I never have a pin before I do not know what to do now

  17. Hi I have a problem with my application ,when i check my status it says AWAITING FOR NSC FINAL RESULTS and i already have my final result i was doing grade 12 in 2019 i don’t know what should i do to apload my NSC RESULTS

  18. Am Phelokazi I once applied in WSU in 2019 for 2020 academic unfortunately I was not accepted now I want to reapply the problem is I forgot my student number

  19. Good morning,My status says awaiting for NSC results while I’ve passed grade 12 in 2019 and I didn’t say i am upgrading.Ive also uploaded so many times my results but still my status says awaiting for nsc result,so what must i do?

  20. I would like to retrieve my Student number because I forgot it because I applied in 2018 and I wasn’t accepted, so I would to apply again. Please help me.

  21. Hi I applied last year and I was also upgrading now when I check my status it has been saying “Awaiting final NSC results “since last year, now NSC results has been released but still application status is “Awaiting final NSC results” how can I solve this?

  22. I would like to upload my NSC results but I don’t know where to upload them. I checked my status it say’s waiting for my final year results’ I don’t understand because my results are already out. I need help.

  23. I would like to upload my Final NSC results but I don’t know-how to upload them or rather i dont know where to upload them ..
    My results are already out but my status still says ‘awaiting results’, I really need help

  24. Good day.
    I am having troubling applying online. In 2019 I applied at WSU but without finishing the application I lost my cellphone. Later on I bought a new one and again I tried to apply in 2020 but when I proceed with the application process is says my ID has a student number in the system. The problem is I no longer know my last email along with its password and I would like for my application with my ID number to be reset so that I can apply again. What can I do?

  25. Hi I applied but when i log in to my account it shows me that the choices I have chosen are full,but on one choice the status is written upload documents but I did upload them,maybe I have done it the wrong way please help and I received a message twice asking me to upload documents.

    1. Hello I do not think it is possible to delete the application especially after payment of the application fees, you can wait for the next application exercise and then you apply again

  26. Hello, can you please help my account has been been locked due to maximum unsuccessful login attempts by a third party I don’t know, I would really appreciate your help as it is time for registration.

  27. I’m trying to login into my portal but my account is locked and I want to add some course. Then what must I do because I tried to call but the phone goes to voicemail

  28. Hey, I want to to edit my name on my student portal it says Azisiwe instead of aziswa . I think its your system but i cannot correct the error , how can I i need help

  29. Hello i’m unable to register it says my account has been locked due to multiple unsuccessful attempts, when i was requesting a forgetten pin, could you please unlock it for me.

  30. Hello my account have been blocked due to multiple attempts before they sent me an email to my password so I was asking you to assist me with that cause it said I must “Contact the Web System Administrator to Reset Your Session”

  31. I was trying to enter on my student portal and I’ve Clicked on change pin by mistake so now it says I must call my web provider for a new pin, what must I do?

  32. I have been waiting for respond since 3 weeks now. Please help me i need to know my status please

  33. Morning I’m having problems logging into my student account. I have my student ID but forgot password and also forgot the email I used to apply with . Is there anyone I can contact at the school to help me retrieve my password and change my email for future mails?

  34. Hello. My portal was locked due to several accidental entries. Can you please assist? It’s registration time, and my portal says to contact Web System Administrator.

  35. Hi please help my application says i must upload my document I’ve been trying from march please help my student number is 221166920 for Bed in senior phase and FET phase(human language and art &culture. Thank you

  36. Hello , why is that my status hasn’t changed , it’s been so long now it says application without status on 2 of my choices i applied around feb/mar but still it doesn’t change when I try to call no one picks up the phone , I tired of waiting .

  37. Can I change my email because I can’t login I don’t remember my pin and every time I request a pin I don’t receive any mail

  38. Please I need help with my Academic record can I please have it probably via email or online my student no is 209071893

  39. my student portal account has been locked due to maximum attempts so it says i must contact wsu web system administrator to reset my student portal account so i need help to unlock my student portal account

  40. Guys I need help when I try to search the school that I last attended it doesn’t appear
    And I can’t continue without filling in my previous school

  41. I need help with my pin i forgot it and when i request it the message go straight to my old email which i forgot long time ago my student number is 220272271

  42. I had maximum unsuccessful login attempts now i need to access my student portal to get my results, what should i do?

  43. I forgot my password and email address I’ve used on my application now I don’t have access to ipmu student portal


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