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Vhembe TVET College Courses, Fees, Requirements and Application

Vhembe TVET College courses, fees, minimum requirements and application forms are out.

VHEMBECOLLEGE Courses, Fees, Minimum Requirements and how to obtain an application form for admission is basic information a prospective student has to know before applying for Vhembe TVET College admission.

Vhembe TVET College
Vhembe TVET College Courses, Vhembe TVET College Fees, Vhembe TVET College Requirements Vhembe TVET College Application

The Management of Vhembe TVET College (VHEMBECOLLEGE) offers a range of courses with specific requirements and fees with approval from the appropriate bodies for the academic session.

In addition to meeting the requirements for the course, you wish to study, make sure you upload all the required documents and pay the necessary fees.

Vhembe TVET College (VHEMBECOLLEGE) Courses and Fees

VHEMBECOLLEGE fees for these courses will come later, Below is the list of available courses for admission.


  • Fees are payable strictly in advance, are subject to change and non-refundable.
  • Cash is not accepted on-premises. When enrolling, you will be provided with banking details in order to deposit fees.

Requirements for Admission

Students wanting to study at the College should have the following available when applying:

  • Proof of payment of your registration fee.
  • Certified copy of your ID document.
  • Also you need your Passport Number for International Applicants.
  • Exam Results: Final Grade 12 results (if available).
  • Grade 11 results are very important for your application.

How to Apply for Vhembe TVET College Admission

Feel you meet the requirements highlighted above? You can proceed to Vhembe TVET College application.

  1. Fill in the form with all necessary documentation (Latest Academic Results) that is required of you to support your application. …
  2. Remember you will need email address when filling the form, It is, therefore, advisable to create an email address if you don’t have one.

Click Here To Apply

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