UNISA Registration 2022: How the process works

The UNISA Registration 2022 is a process initiated by the University of South Africa. The Management has seen it sensible to make this process easier by creating an online platform that will help students register for whatever programme they have been admitted into.

UNISA Registration 2021

The Management of the University of South Africa has activated the portal for the registration of new UNISA students for 2022/2023 Academic year. UNISA registrations comes with a one-time registration fee as would be further emphasized in the preceding texts of this chapter.

University of South Africa (UNISA) Registration

Every prospective student of the University of South Africa is expected to pay the fees for the registration to be processed.

That’s all you need, for now, the rest of the information regarding how to go about your registration may be found on the link above. Ask any questions you may be having in the comments section below, you  can also contact the institution through there contact information in the next subheading.


Type of inquiry E-mail Telephone
012 429 3111 (Option 2)


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