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University of Cape Town Website Address for enquires is active. Members of the public in any affiliation whatsoever to University of Cape Town can access the website for free.

University of Cape Town (UCT)

The University of Cape Town Website serves as a platform where both UCT Students and non-students can access information from the Institution. The website has a student portal for students to manage their personal student information. The student portal is responsible for actions such as download of admission letters, payment of fees, checking of admission status.

UCT Website Link

The University of Cape Town (UCT) website is www.uct.ac.za.

We recommend that You use a device capable of browsing the internet faster, a laptop is more preferable to a mobile device because to take full advantage of the site features, your device must be compatible enough. Site resources such as the student portal may require more RAM and high-speed network

Quick Guide to browsing www.uct.ac.za

A mere visit to UCT Website should not be the case because a link will just bring you to the page. The issue is with what to do with the website and how to perform those actions on the website.

The key features that every User browsing the website will have to be familiar with are site menu, search, news section, subscription and student portal. Undoubtedly there are other features but these ones are essential to the site User. We will look into these key features briefly.

  1. Site Menu – series of linked items that serve in navigating between the different pages or sections of a website. The site menu is usually at the heading of the website. Widgets usually on the side of the website also help in navigation.
  2. Search – This feature allows Site Users to easily search through all the content of the website. It is very beneficial when you are looking for content with a particular keyword. It is either on the heading or sidebar of the website.
  3. News section – This section as implied in the name contains all news/updates the School Managemtn wants the public to know. This section is very crucial in keeping up with trends and activities in the school.
  4. Subscriptiton –  this feature allows Users to subscribe to news/updates with usually their email address. After subscription, the subscription email will receive an email for every website update.
  5. Student portal – The portal is a very sensitive part of the website as earlier mentioned in this article it is platform for managing students’ personal information. This part of the website is usually available to UCT students.

We hope this information was useful to you in anyway. Please if there is any issue with accessing the website, please leave it in the comments section below

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