UCT APS Score Calculator – How to Calculate

UCT APS Score serves as one of the determinig factor for admission. It is crucial that you calculate and confirm that your score is above the minimum score for that programme to gain admission into that programme.

University of Cape Town (UCT)

Your APS score is calculated based on your final Grade 12 results, and it is used to determine whether you meet the entry requirements for your desired program.

To help you calculate your APS score, UCT provides an online APS score calculator. This tool allows you to enter your Grade 12 subject results and see your APS score instantly. The UCT APS score calculator is a convenient and accurate way to determine your eligibility for admission to UCT.

How to Calculate APS Score for UCT

You can calculate your APS manually or with the use of the UCT aps calculator. But before calculating, It’s important to note that different programs at UCT have different minimum APS score requirements, so it’s crucial to check the entry requirements for your chosen program before applying.

If your APS score is lower than the minimum required for your desired program, then you may need to consider applying for a different program or improving your Grade 12 results.

Using UCT APS Calculator

This is the recommended option.

To use the UCT APS score calculator, you’ll need to know your final Grade 12 results. You can enter your results for up to 7 subjects, including English and any other subjects required for your chosen program. The calculator will then calculate your APS score based on the points allocated for each subject and the weighting of each subject.

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Using ApplicationSA.com’s APS Calculator



How to calculate APS Score on your own

Simply put, you can add all your Matric subject percentages together to get your APS Score, however, you also need to know the subjects involved.


The maximum APS score out is 600.

When calculating your APS,include the percentages obtained for English, as well as subjects required for admission to a particular programme. Exclude percentages obtained for Life Orientation, Advanced Programme (‘AP’) subjects or any other subject that is not an official NSC subject.


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