The Adonis Musati Project Jobs 2020 Head of School Operations

The Adonis Musati Project Jobs 2020 are available for those qualified. Apply now for the The Adonis Musati Project job postions before the closing date.

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The Employment board of The Adonis Musati Project announces job positions that are available for Applicants. The The Adonis Musati Project Vacancies comes with requirements which One must meet to stand a chance.

How to Apply for The Adonis Musati Project Jobs 2020

The position below has become available and you are invited to apply for it should you be interested.

For the last four years Common Good has had the privilege of being a pioneering school operating partner (SOP), mandated by the WCED to partner and strengthen a growing network of non-fee paying collaboration schools (now legislated as such) with the goal to improve learner outcomes and close the inequality gap between high performing resourced and no-fee public schools.

As our network of schools grows, Common Good now seeks to recruit a passionate, innovative, resilient, strategic and relational Head of Operations, you will manage and organise all the core operational functions that support the Common Good School Operating Partner (SOP) and the network of Collaboration Schools which Common Good is partnered with, ensuring smooth operational coherence and a high standard of functioning within Finance, Human Resources, Administration, Programme Delivery, Monitoring and Evaluation, and day-to-day operations.
You’ll thrive in this role if…



Job Title: Head of School Operations
Location: Cape Town

You are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children by improving the quality of education in South Africa, have the relevant experience and the desire to serve with an organisation that loves our City and are passionate about social justice. You are driven to collaborate and partner respectfully with other key change agents and influencers in driving school level change. You are highly proactive with strong self-leadership, a pioneering and resilient spirit that is open to working within challenging contexts. You are committed to using data effectively to evaluate and make key school improvement decisions. Your organisational, communication, and leadership skills are second to none and you are driven by ensuring that consistent, efficient workflows are in place, yielding optimal productivity and performance. You enjoy collaborating across boundaries to build strategic relationships and achieve common operational goals.


The successful individual will be responsible for the following duties, which are not limited to:

Strategic Vision, Leadership and Accountability

  • Work collaboratively with the SOP EMT in developing the vision and strategy, managing change processes in support of the SOP’s objectives.
  • Support and collaborate with the Program Director to refine and implement the strategic planning at partner school level, working collaboratively with the respective school leadership to develop their strategic and operational planning
  • Lead the development of a full range of operational strategies to support SOP vision, strategy and goals, including Finance, HR, IT, Operations/admin, M&E.
  • Provide regular communication about the measurement of programmes against stated School Improvement Plan (SIP) milestones and goals;
  • Provide the Program Director with comprehensive and timely reporting
  • Thought leadership support the presentation of the SOP and positioning of its vision, mission and impact within the national context

Operational Planning & Implementation

  • Develop, implement and maintain sound operational plans, policy, systems and procedures for the SOP Operations Team, across the full range of operational responsibilities
  • Regularly review plans, policies, systems and procedures, seeking to improve efficacy and efficiency
  • Manage planning for SOPs resource and capacity needs

Financial and Budget Management

  • Develop and review short, medium and long-term budgets for the SOP and Schools, in collaboration with the Program Director and Finance Manager
  • Manage the operational finances of the SOP
  • Approve expenditure within authority delegated by the Program Director and in accordance with the approved budget
  • Ensure sound procurement processes and controls are in place in both SOP and Schools
  • Ensure sound financial controls are in place; set financial priorities accurately to ensure the SOP is operating in a manner that supports the needs of the programme and staff
  • Develop and implement financial control systems and procedures and oversee implementation thereof across the network of schools, regularly monitoring compliance and effectiveness
  • Review monthly financial statements and monitor expenditure against projected budgets
  • Report regularly to the Program Director operational finances and projected expenditure of each school, providing comprehensive and timely reporting, realistic projections and escalating risks timeously
  • Manage the independent auditing of each School’s finances
  • Manage SOP finances within area of responsibility, approving and recording expenditure in terms of Program Director delegations

HR Management

  • Manage all HR related requirements for the SOP Operations Team
  • Oversee all HR related requirements for each School, including the development of: HR strategy and related resource plan; HR policies and procedures; HR Administrative systems and procedures; Staff development plans; Employee health & safety, and employee wellness policies and interventions; Identify and contract quality service providers who can provide support to the SOP in specialised areas where resource gaps exist
  • Support the recruitment, management and development of high performing staff, in the SOP Operations team, who are able to deliver on the SOP and SIP’s vision and goals
  • Oversee the management and implementation of HR policies, processes and systems, in all schools, including: Inducting new staff into the school, ensuring they are aware of the SOPs values, goals, policies, processes and systems; Develop and manage the school’s remuneration & benefits approach, facilitating external benchmarking as required; Manage time & and attendance system and leave records as required by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act; Supporting the HR specialist in managing disciplinary procedures as required; Oversee the implementation and maintenance of performance management systems (QMS) in all schools; Support HR in handling staff grievance; Support HR in facilitating the training & development of staff; Ensure all Schools are fully compliant in respect of all labour relations and related legislation

Operational Support to PSP and Partner Schools

  • Undertake all operational requirements for those components of school management which are delegated to the SOP
  • Undertake all operational activities allocated to the SOP through the PSP and Donor agreement(s)
  • Undertake all additional operational issues relating to schools as allocated by the Program Director.
  • Provide quality information and reporting for funders, stakeholders, the Board and CEO as required by the PSP and donor agreements
  • Support the schools in ensuring that they regularly provide quality information and reports as per the Service Level Agreement with the WCED and the organisation.

Monitoring & evaluation; data management & reporting

  • Collaborate and support colleagues in the research and development of monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Ensure that there is a reliable and accessible storage of all valid data relevant to the SOP’s operations
  • Ensure that the data collected is valid and accurate
  • Provide analysis and presentation of data in a manner that supports the SOP’s key strategic decision-making processes
  • Appraise and evaluate the results of overall operations of the organisation regularly and systematically, and report these results to the Program Director
  • Provide quality information and reporting for funders, stakeholders and the Program Director, as required from time to time.

SOP Operational Support and Event Management

  • Oversee the planning, logistics and communication involved in any SOP or Collaboration School Network event organisation
  • Oversee the equipping of the Education Team with all required resources for the efficient running of the program
  • Ensure the development and implementation of smooth and efficient systems and procedures for all administrative related tasks.

Key stakeholder management

  • Key Stakeholders include: All School senior management teams; SGBs; Learners; PSP; WCED Circuit Manager
  • Support the Program Director in the management of key stakeholders, ensuring SOP focus on the end goal for beneficiaries
  • Support the development of fit for purpose approaches to managing each key stakeholder/group
  • Serve as an SGB member in at least one of our Collaboration Schools

Staff Management

  • Achieve agreed SIP and School goals by providing leadership and oversight to all direct reports
  • Create, motivate and manage a high-quality team to successfully deliver against SOP and SIP objectives, achieving goals by providing leadership and oversight.
  • Hold staff accountable to the delivery of their individual key performance areas and goals
  • Ensure smooth operational coherence and a high standard of functioning with the finance, human resource, operations, monitoring & evaluation and programme functions

Minimum Requirements

  • Completed Bachelors’ degree in Business Management, Development Studies or a related field
  • At least 8 years in Operations Management;
  • Experience in growing or scaling an organisation;
  • Experience in donor-funded environment would be beneficial
  • Willingness to contribute to the values and ethos of Common Good is essential
  • Your own transport is essential, as you will be required to travel between locations

Competencies and abilities

  • Self-reliant, results-oriented with superior management and leadership skills
  • Strong organisational skills and attention to detail, with a demonstrated ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment, lead multiple projects, ruthlessly prioritize, and manage a tsunami of tasks, deadlines, requirements and decisions.
  • Exceptional written, oral, interpersonal, and presentation skills and the ability to effectively interface with all team members and stakeholders;
  • Excellence in organisational management; ability to coach staff to manage and develop high-performance teams and develop and implement programme strategies
  • Analytic and decisive with the ability to prioritise and communicate to staff key objectives and tactics necessary to achieve organisational goals;
  • Commitment to a participatory, democratic style of leadership; able to balance democratic decision making with efficient and professional organisational management.
  • Demonstrated ability to build consensus, facilitate collaboration and problem-solving and manage conflict among varied stakeholders in matrixed environments.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills that contribute to a collegial working environment, and a healthy measure of the character traits we value: zest, grit, hope, love, social intelligence, gratitude, and a sense of humour.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Excellent financial management skills and experience.
  • Advanced computer literacy skills and experience working in a largely online environment; Proficiency overseeing technology projects and information systems.
  • Excellent track record in project management.
  • Resource development experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and cultures.
  • Strong data fluency: demonstrated ability to lead teams and organizations in designing and implementing strong data-driven cultures and the systems, processes and tools required to support them.
  • Experience with strategic planning in complex, dynamic settings.
  • Effectively managing quality programmes and data-driven programme evaluation


To apply

Please send a motivational cover letter, your CV and two recent work references by 10 June 2020.
TO:careers @ commongood .org. za
REF: Indicate the position title in the subject line


Application Deadline: Wednesday, 10 June, 2020

NOTE: An application will not in itself entitle the applicant to an interview or appointment. Applicants who fail to meet the minimum requirements will be automatically disqualified from consideration. Applicants who do not receive a reply within one month of submission should deem their application to have been unsuccessful. We reserve the right not to fill the position

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