NSFAS Bank Accounts 2024 Allowances | Register Now!

Have you not heard? Students Must Register NSFAS Bank Accounts For 2024 Allowances. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) will only pay NSFAS allowances to students using the Direct Allowance Payment System.

NSFAS Bank Accounts Mastercard

Bear in mind that there are various bank account service providers. Therefore, as a student, you are to check that you register with the service provider specific to your institution.

NSFAS Bank Accounts Service Providers For 2024 and Registration

We have listed the service providers, their respective links have been attached to their names for you to both confirm the institution they provide services for and register.

Bank Account Service Provider Onboarded Institutions & Where to Register
Coinvest Coinvest Institutitons, Withdrawal Login & Signup
Tenet Tenet Login & Registration – www.tenetnsfas.co.za
eZaga eZaga Onboarded Institutions, How to Login & Register
Norraco Norraco Transact Onboarded Institutions, Login – transact.norraco.co.za


Further Inquiries

If you have questions about how to register your NSFAS bank account, do not hesitate to let us know through the comments form. We believe we will be able to help in this regard.

Concerning NSFAS upfront payments to universities and TVET colleges, R2.8 billion was disbursed to universities, excluding tranche payments due in April 2024 and R580 million was paid upfront to TVET for tuition, with an additional R1 billion allocated for three months’ allowances based on January-March registration.


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