NMU Registration 2023 – Check necessary Steps

NMU Registration 2023 for admitted students is in progress. Only students with acceptance into a qualification can register.

Nelson Mandela University

You must register as a Nelson Mandela University student especially if you want to have enough access to the student portal, and other student privileges.

How to complete Nelson Mandela University (NMU) Registration

This Registration is not for students yet to apply for study, check application guidelines for prospective students. Rather, UL registration is meant for students who have applied and have been accepted into a qualification.

NMU registration is expected to run from January 10, 2023 to date that depends on your college.

Start with these steps to complete your registration:

  1. Check your application status on the status checker portal – cao-login/
  2. After confirming your admission status, Receive curriculum guidance
  3. Go to Nelson Mandela University/NMU registration portal – https://www.mandela.ac.za/Study-at-Mandela/Registration/2023-Registration
  4. After proper guidance, you can proceed to register modules
  5. Be ready to upload documents where necessary
  6. You may need to be cleared if you are a NSFAS funded student to register, further guidelines are available for NSFAS-approved student

The school may obtain the list of first-time entrants approved for funding directly from NSFAS.

For returning NSFAS students, the University may prepare a provisional list of returning students eligible for NSFAS funding based on the results and/or obtain the list of NSFAS-approved returning students approved for funding.

Step 4: Registration

If you’ve been admitted to study at Nelson Mandela University – congratulations!

  • Pay any relevant fees that may be due
  • Take part in the orientation programmes to find out how and where to do things on campus
  • Find out when you can register for your course
  • Go through the registration process to enrol in your chosen subjects (modules)
  • Find out when lectures start

Welcome to our community!

REGISTRATION     |     Just a few more things to complete

REGISTRATION ASSISTANCE     |     Supporting information to help you with registration

Step 1: Discovery   Step 2: Application   Step 3: Admission

For questions and/or comments, please make a comment below and we will respond accordingly.

Separate registration is usually made for residence, fully registered students may also need the proof of registration to enter campus (with photo ID or student card).

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