Matric Certificate Replacement – How to Apply

Matric certificates can be replaced. Past Matriculants who lost or damaged the certificate can now make use of the online system to apply for a new replacement certificate.


The replacement online system launched the webinar hosted by the education quality assurance body on Thursday, 30 March 2023, where you can now apply for a replacement certificate is available.

The online system provides a replacement for lost matric certificates. Tertiary institutions can also use the system to verify matric results during registration periods.

The system is accessible from anywhere, and due to its ease of use, the costs, and the time candidates have to wait to receive their replacement certificates have been reduced.

In addition, those who wish to collect a replacement certificate from Umalusi within two working days will have to pay a fee, R137.

Finally, to receive the replacement certificate at your chosen physical address anywhere in South Africa, you will have to pay R202 (R137 is for the Certificate and R65 for courier fees). The expected delivery time is within 7 days.

Officials from the Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) and the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) were also in attendance at The webinar.

How to Apply for Matric Certificate Replacement

Applying for your lost or damaged matric certificate might differ from one province to another. Furthermore, If you wrote matric in more than one examination sitting and you want to combine your credits to qualify for a National Certificate, you must apply for a replacement certificate: change of status.

Here are the required documents you need to apply for lost or damaged certificates:

  • An affidavit stating what happened to your certificate (i.e. if it is lost or damaged);
  • The original national/ senior certificate (if it is damaged), this is not applicable if it is lost;
  • A certified copy of your identity document (ID); and
  • Proof of payment.

For a combination of results, you must have the following:

  • Your results from all examination sittings;
  • A certified copy of your Identity Document; and
  • Proof of payment.


Go to the online system –, where you may apply and pay for the re-issue online.

Follow the lead, to apply.


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