HPW Fresh & Dry Jobs 2020 for Leader – Technical Sourcing

HPW Fresh & Dry Jobs 2020 for Leader – Technical Sourcing available. See details below on how to apply for the position of a Leader – Technical Sourcing in HPW Fresh & Dry.

HPW Fresh and Dry Ltd is a fruit processing company. HPW is synonymous with fresh from harvest fruit, crisp and crunchy vegetables from Africa and Asia. We develop stand-alone products for our customers that meet the most exacting quality standards and offer maximum availability – for wholesalers and retailers, as well as for the food industry.

Job Description

Job Title: Leader – Technical Sourcing

  • Department: Agronomy
  • Employment Status: Contract
  • Supervisor: Chief Agronomist
  • Location: Onsite at HPW Fresh and Dry Ltd, Adeiso, E/R.

Job Purpose
The Leader – Technical Sourcing, manages the supply base of the factory’s raw material supply from a technical angle. The individual oversees supplier enrollment, and administers the supplier assessment program, organizes trainings and technical advice in cooperation with the field officers. The individual would also oversee the input programs and monitors supplier certification.


Job Duties

  • Management of supply base and supplier data base.
  • Manage Smartfarm-Cropin system.
  • Develop functionalities of the system in cooperation with service provider.
  • Follow up implementation.
  • Manage supplier approval and renewals of approvals.
  • Manage supplier performance assessment.
  • Monitor farm and field officers’ activities through the system.
  • Analyze data and provide reports for supplier management.
  • Use GIS to improve visibility and performance.
  • Manage field to factory traceability.
  • Trainings and extension program for suppliers – Improve Availability and Quality.
  • Plan trainings and support schedule for suppliers and field officers.
  • Create and manage trainings curriculum and provide trainings materials for all crops and production calendars.
  • Manage field officer’s competence in trainings and extension curriculum.
  • Deliver training to field officers.
  • Coach field officers.
  • Carry out regular competence assessment for field officers.
  • Carry out supplier trainings and extension visit and manage trainings and extension visits by field officers
  • Maintain and develop crop production calendar for the different crops as the basis for the training and extension program.
  • Management of input scheme.
  • Manage and improve crop production calendar for the different crops.
  • Based on production calendar develop support budget.
  • Oversee implementation of support budget.
  • Implement and maintain system of input support scheme management.
  • Monitor farmer’s debts and debt collection.
  • Manage risks regarding contaminations (mainly chemical and biological).
  • Improvement of supplier relations.
  • Manage farm visit schedules for officers.
  • Carry out field visits on regular basis.
  • Be involved in exchange and discussion with farmers.
  • Serve as a contact point to farmers to address challenges in the production or in the relation with farmers.

Clauses in BRC and IFS Standard

  • This officer is specifically in charge of the fulfilment of the following clausesin the BRC standard: 3.5 supplier and raw material approval and performance monitoring
  • This officer is specifically in charge of the fulfilment of the following clauses in the IFS standard:
    • 4.1 contract agreements for fruit suppliers
    • 4.2 specifications for fruits
    • 4.4 purchasing of fruits
    • 4.18 traceability of fruits

Required Skills or Experience

  • Degree in Agriculture
  • 2-5 years’ experience in agricultural production
  • 2-5 years’ experience in working in farmer or community education
  • Good knowledge of tropical fruit production
  • Knowledge of database management and GIS
  • Good communication and relationship skills
  • Methodological skills in adult education
  • Proven track record of successful negotiations
  • Willing to travel for work to the production areas and spend extended periods in the field
  • Valid driving license
  • Good English skills (written and spoken)

How To Apply


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