How to calculate UCT WPS

UCT WPS is calculated with the percentage of your Faculty Points Score (FPS). The disadvantage factor for South African undergraduate applicants only.

The percentage of your Faculty Points Score (FPS) is added to your FPS in order to calculate your weighted Points Score (WPS). The percentage is between 0 and 10% for all programmes except for the MBChB, where the percentage is between 0 and 20%.

The factor is calculated using information related to your school and your family. In order to calculate this,

  1. Go to the disadvantage factor calculator
  2. Select the South African school you attend, or which you attended, in grade 12.

If your school is not listed, this will show up as 0 in this preliminary calculator. When you apply for admission, UCT will add your school to our database before processing your application. You should also complete all the questions in the calculator page.
Once you have completed both sections, click SUBMIT and wait for the response.

This will be a number between 0% and 10%. Use this factor and increase your FPS by this percentage. That will provide you with your WPS.

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