DUT Admissions 2021: Durban University Acceptance Letter Release

The Durban University of Technology (also known as DUT) announces the release of the acceptance letter for admission of prospective students in 2021/2022. DUT will not retract any accepted offers. Review how to check your DUT admission status 2021 for free to know if your Durban University of Technology Acceptance Form 2022 is ready. Keep reading to see How to check your Durban University of Technology application status.

The DUT Letter of Acceptance is an official document sent to a Candidate to show that He/She has accepted an offer of admission, it is given to a candidate to Let the person know that He/She has accepted the DUT admission offer 2022.

The Admission Letter is sent after You accept the Durban University of Technology to admit You, it comes from the Registrar’s office and is the most important document in your admission file.

You are given the choice to either accept or reject your admission, you must know that You are yet to be admitted unless You accept your admission.

To accept your admission, You have to complete the DUT Acceptance Form 2022 via CAO before the closing date.

Important: How to check your CAO Application/Admission Status

Durban University of Technology Acceptance

The DUT acceptance letter will be only given to those Who were offered admission. On getting a notification on your admission, follow these steps also to check your CAO Application Status 2021:

The DUT will not withdraw offers from applicants who have already uploaded their acceptance documents to the CAO.
PLEASE DO NOT pay this money to the CAO. Consult the institution regarding the details of how and when you need to respond and pay.

The turnaround time to respond to offers for study  is now  3  (three) working days.

Applicants that receive Firm Offers, are given 3 (three) working days to either accept or decline an offer.

If You were notified of your admission and still have problems with accepting offer, contact the Admission office of this institution.

DUT Website:  www.dut.ac.za

Facebook: (DurbanUniversityofTechnology)

Twitter:    (@DUT_Tweets)

Instagram:    (@dut_official1)

We hope this information on Durban University of Technology Admission helps You complete your acceptance form successfully.

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  1. I haven’t received my acceptance letter on my e-mail account but I have received the message saying that I’ll get it
    Please reply very soon

    1. The fact that you got a message saying that you will get it means you will. I advise you to be patient with the management. However, be sure you have accepted your Admission, which I presume you have

  2. I received an SMS saying I received my acceptance letter in my email address but it’s not in my email address
    Please kindly assist

  3. 5 November 2020 I received an email from CAO that DUT has offered me with an offer. The email says I must wait for the University to contact me but up until 8 January 2021 where the offer was withdrawn without receiving it.

    Please help out

  4. Recieved an acceptance letter but I have not recieved any further details about what is going on and also struggling with the address validation

  5. Me too please help I want to accept an offer but I’m struggling with my address validation can you please help and I’m not sure if they are going to. Acceptance my late submission of the acceptance letter

  6. In January I received a Confirmation of acceptance letter and I submitted it but now they sent it again. What should I do please help

  7. I received an sms saying my application was successfully but no acceptance letter please help.

  8. Hi,I’ve receive a Firm offer but I have not received DUT Acceptance letter,plz kindly assist…

  9. Hi, can you please help me out to find a Confirmation of Acceptance because it’s seems as if I can’t register if it’s not filled up.

  10. What about me who got a firm offer bt didn’t get a acceptance letter as ididn’t have an email back than can you please resend an acceptance letter so that I can accept an offer

  11. My CAO status says Firm Offer but i haven’t received anything from DUT how do i accept the offer?

  12. How can I cancel a firm offer and ask for my nsfas to be reversed because I am already registered somewhere else.

  13. My CAO Status says Firm offer but I haven’t receive anything from DUT how do I accept the offer please help

  14. I’ve been trying to login using self service to accept the offer online but everytime I log in it says illegal login what should I do ?

  15. Hi am so stressfully; three weeks back recieved firm offer now i don’t know what to do I’ve tried to phone several times can’t go through pls advice what to do

    To accept firm offer and receive student number

  16. My CAO status says ::firm offer but I have not yet find any find an email or an SMS with the instructions on how to accept the offer. Please kindly help me

    Thank you in advance

  17. I have received firm offer and an SMS stating that I have been cleared to register online but I can’t because i have not yet received my pin .The problem is regarding my email I can’t receive it please help .

  18. i have been receiving emails telling me my email was forwarded to students admin. it has been more than 2 weeks. i need help. i have been asking for admission for diploma in taxation.

  19. I received a firm offer without acceptance package. I am worried what if my offer withdrawn. It’s been a month now. They only say I must wait until the department release letters

  20. hi , i have received an acceptance package and accepted the accept , emailed back required documents and even received a student number on the 21st of April but i haven’t got an admission letter , what do i do ?

  21. I recieved my acceptance letter from DUT but i haven’t recieved my student number . How do accept the offer

  22. I have received an offer but I cant find my Student number, which makes it hard to accept the affer.

  23. Comment Text* hy ihave the problem i received an email from cao saying i have firm offer but no email from institution idnt know how to accept dut offer.

  24. I have recieved an email from CAO that I have been given a firm offer from DUT but I have not received the acceptance letter from the institution. How do I accept the offer?

  25. HeY I’ve received a firm offer but there is no email for accepting that offer…
    I need heLp pls I’m worried that my offer can be withdrawn.

  26. Hi.
    My CAO status says firm offer but I haven’t received anything from DUT on how to accept the offer and I didn’t get even the student number. Please help.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. From your request, I see you have been accepted, but are you facing this issue with accepting it online, please provide more details.

  27. I’ve been trying to login to the DUT self-service website for a week now I received a firm offer from DUT on the 20 January 2023 and tried many times to accept it and an error message appeared saying “invalid /inactive admission status” and now I am unable to accept it because every time I try to login a message appears saying “illegal login” even though the student number and the pin came from the university please help.

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