Bronberg Nursing College Courses and Requirements

Do you want to join Bronberg Nursing College? then you should know how important it is to know Bronberg Nursing College Courses and Requirements.

Bronberg Nursing College

The Management of Bronberg Nurse Education and Training Academy (Bronberg Nursing College) successfully published online the courses and admission requirements. Find out what is required to undertake a course, and enroll today.

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Bronberg Nursing College Courses

Bronberg Nurse Education and Training Academy is registered to provide education and training in Auxiliary Nursing (Government Notice R.169 of March 2013).

Here are the modules:

Basic Biomedical Sciences: Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology, Applied Biophysics and Chemistry, and Applied Pharmacology Apply basic knowledge of Biomedical Sciences in providing basic nursing care 16
Applied Social Sciences Demonstrate an understanding of cultural diversity when providing nursing care to patients from different cultural groups 8
Ethics and Professional Practice Maintain professionalism in nursing practice within the ethical and legal framework 4
Basic Nursing Care Use the scientific nursing approach to address the basic needs of individuals and groups in various healthcare settings 76
Foundation: Community Health Nursing Science Participate in understanding the needs of individuals and groups in the community 20

Admission requirements

Prospective students for Bronberg Nursing College must meet the following requirements:

  • A Grade 12 certificate (see minimum pass rates below) or National Senior Certificate
  • Applicants may be admitted to the programme based on the institution’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy for specific health-related fields. Applicants must submit a portfolio of evidence in this regard.

Find Compulsory subjects to be passed in Grade 12 and rating including further instructions on how to apply. Find these also on the college website.


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