How to apply for a tender in South Africa 2020

Want to know how to apply for a tender in South Africa 2020? this article is for your consumption. Discover things to consider before bidding, how to find tenders, and how to bid.

How to apply for a tender in South Africa

A business tender is an invitation to bid for a project or accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid. Tendering usually refers to the process whereby governments and private financial institutions invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline.

The tender or bid process is designed to ensure that the work to be done is given out in a fairway.

List of things to consider before bidding

  • Analyze the bid documents
  • Be sure to meet all the requirements.
  • Who your competition is and what are the chances of winning?
  • Put into consideration how much will it cost to prepare your bid?
  • Consider how the work will bend in with your business strategy?
  • Estimate the costs of fulfilling the contract and whether or not you’d make enough money to justify it.

How to get a Tender in South Africa

Use the steps to identify public-sector contracts

  • Follow up contract notices published in newspapers and trade magazines
  • acquire the government tender bulletin
  • browse for department websites

You can visit to be notified of new tenders.

How to apply for a tender in South Africa

  1. Register your interest: follow instructions in the bid document to register your interest with the purchasing agency.
  2. Attend briefing sessions: If you registered through a bidding website, monitor the website for updates about bids. Also, Attend any bid briefing sessions offered
  3. Develop your bid response strategy
  4. Review recently awarded contracts – contact the bid coordinator to seek clarification If you are unclear about any requirements in the bid request.
  5. Write a compelling bid: Prepare your bid response, state the purpose and origin of the bid, explain how you will manage the project.
  6. Understand the payment terms
  7. Provide References
  8. Check and submit your bid
  9. Present your bid
  10. Request a debriefing.

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