UFS Alumni: Connect with notable graduates

Do You want to connect with UFS Alumni? Contacts such as website, email will be discussed below to help You connect with the University of the Free State Alumni.

UFS Alumni

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Alumni simply refers to former students, especially males, of a particular school, college, or university. There are benefits of being an alumnus.

The University of the Free State (UFS) We see today has produced many notable alumni. Hence, the Institution sees the need to create a website for all displaying profiles of alumni amongst a host of other things.

UFS Alumni Connect

The alumni connect helps you to stay in touch with fellow graduates. You can see what they are up to as well. The link below will take you to University of the Free State alumni connect website

UFS Alumni Website

The University of the Free State official website is quite different from the alumni website and can be accessed via www.alumni.UFS.ac.za. On the website, you can find news updates and magazines of UFS Students who graduated years ago.

Alumni Email

This UFS email address is created as an alias to your current myUFS mailbox and will be used as the default email address when emailing. It requires no setup, simply click this link: www.ufs.ac.za/alumni.

UFS Alumni Password

Issues of passwords can be resolved here: www.ufs.ac.za/alumni. You will have to provide proof of identification to be able to reset your password.

How to update your profile

You can easily update your profile on the website by following the steps below.

If You have lost any certificates, the Institution has records of all certificates and You can recover them from the University of the Free State Student records, (fees may apply).


All complaints should be forwarded to the following contacts;

Tel: +27 51 401 3632

Email: [email protected]

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