TIME PERSONNEL Jobs 2020 for FUEL P.O.S. FIELD TECHNICIAN available. See details below on how to apply for the position of a FUEL P.O.S. FIELD TECHNICIAN in TIME PERSONNEL.

Do you have experience calling on customers to set up and maintain Point of Sale Fuel Management systems? Our Client requires your knowledge and experience to call on their clients implementing and trouble-shooting new systems.

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Relevant Studies / Certificates

Windows, SQL, A+ Certificate, N+ Certificate

2 – 3 years, Industry Related Experience

Driver’s License – Code 8

Excellent client service with sense of urgency when handling clients and customers

Solution and Results Driven

Ability to troubleshoot, test, repair and service technical equipment

Ability to work flexible shifts and to adapt to changing work schedules



Provide service and customer support during field visits or dispatches

Ensure workflow meets with schedule

Manage all on site installation, repair, maintenance and test tasks

Diagnose errors or technical problems and determine proper solutions

Produce timely and detailed service reports

Document processes

Follow all company’s filed procedures and protocols

Cooperate with technical team and share information across the organization

Comprehend customer requirements and make appropriate recommendations/briefings

Build positive relationships with customers and clients

Train Clients after installation, do checklists and complete routing forms

Service Delivery Advocate

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