This Is Who Should Not Apply For NSFAS Scholarship 2021

This Is Who Should Not Apply For NSFAS Scholarship Programme 2021

The This Is Who Should Not Apply For NSFAS are currently looking to fund undergraduates looking for scholarships.

It’s that time of the year again as NSFAS opened their applications for funding in 2021. However, this bursary isn’t open to just anyone. Here’s who shouldn’t send in that application to NSFAS.

NSFAS has opened their applications for students and prospective students to apply for funding for the 2021 academic year. However, not everyone can get this bursary. Here’s who shouldn’t apply to receive the bursary.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that if you are currently funded by NSFAS, you do not need to apply for 2021 funding.

As for who else shouldn’t apply:

  • Students who have finished a previous qualification, unless they apply for an approved funded postgraduate qualification then you should go ahead and send that application in
  • Students who have already applied and received funding in previous years. They are automatically funded for the duration of their studies, provided they pass their modules and meet the academic requirements.
  • Students with a combined household income of more than R350 000 per year
  • Foreign students
  • Students who are looking for funding for short courses

Should you find that you were rejected but don’t fall under the groups mentioned above, you have the option of sending in an appeal to NSFAS. This is available through your myNSFAS account or through your financial aid office at your University or TVET College.

It’s also good to keep in mind that financial assistance is only considered for students who have been accepted at a higher learning institution and meet all the requirements to study towards higher education.

If you have a bursary from another place but you’re thinking of applying to NSFAS to cover the balance needed, NSFAS answers, “If a student receives a partial bursary from another source, a NSFAS bursary may be awarded, but the allocations must be reduced accordingly, so that the student is supported fully for their studies. NSFAS may not pay for amounts already covered by another funder.”

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