Rhodes University Alumni: Connect with Friends

Do You want to connect with RU Alumni? We will discuss in detail contacts, bursaries, profile updates, benefits, how to update your details to help You connect with the Rhodes University Alumni.


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Rhodes University RU Alumni Donations, bursaries

Alumni simply refers to former students, especially males, of a particular school, college, or university. There are benefits of being an alumnus.

The Rhodes University (RU) We see today has produced many notable alumni. Hence, the Institution sees the need to create a website for all displaying profiles of alumni amongst a host of other things.

Rhodes University Alumni – Find a Friend

To find a former classmate, simply email to alumni[at]ru.ac.za

Bursary Applications

The Old Rhodian Union (ORU) Committee administers the bursary programme. Annually it awards a number of bursaries to students at Rhodes University who are children and grandchildren of Old Rhodians (including Rhodes University staff members).

There are no restrictions on family gross income for these bursaries. However, a means test is applied to determine the most needy applicants. The duration of the bursary is one year. Previous recipients may apply for re-awards, but their applications will be considered afresh, in light of the new pool of applicants. Re-awards are not guaranteed.

It is currently closed for now.

North-West University Alumni Donations

The procedures for donating to North-West University are as follows; Visit this link to fill the donation form and submit.

RU Alumni Website

The Rhodes University official website is quite different from the alumni website and can be accessed via https://www.ru.ac.za/communicationsandadvancement/alumnirelations. On the website, you can find news updates and magazines of RU Students who graduated years ago.

Benefits of connecting with Alumni

  • Library Access
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Your career
  • Alumni Association & Convocation Governance
  • It helps you reconnect with former classmates and also to grow your professional network.\
  • RU Alumni Connect will also keep you informed about what is happening at your alma mater and keep you RU-to-date on events that are taking place.

How to update your Rhodes University Alumni profile

You can easily update your profile on the website by following the steps below.

  • Go to https://alumni.ru.ac.za/DevMan/online/findme/ to update your profile
  • Search the database with your email address.
  • If no match is found: Refine your details by providing extra information such as Date of Birth, ID number.
  • After submitting your details:
    • You will receive an email with an encrypted link that identifies you.
    • Click the link and you will be taken to the detailed update page, where you can check and make changes to all your details.

Please note:
If you want to change your name or surname, you must attach a certified copy of your identity document. In case of changing your marital status, please attach a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

If You have lost any certificates, the Institution has records of all certificates and You can recover them from the Rhodes University Student records, (fees may apply).


All complaints should be forwarded to the following contacts;

The main function of this division is to coordinate and manage alumni relations and associations with the University. This involves developing and maintaining local, national, and international alumni groups through online and offline communications.

Kindly contact +27 46 603 8111 or [email protected]

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