Nelson Mandela University Alumni academic records

Do You want to connect with NMU Alumni? We will discuss in detail Nelson Mandela University Alumni, how to update your profile details to help You connect with the Nelson Mandela University Alumni are outlined below.

Nelson Mandela University Alumni

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Alumni simply refers to former students, especially males, of a particular school, college, or university. There are benefits of being an alumnus.

The Nelson Mandela University (NMU) We see today has produced many notable alumni. Hence, the Institution sees the need to create a website for all displaying profiles of alumni amongst a host of other things.

Nelson Mandela Postgraduate Qualification

At Nelson Mandela University we offer over 320 different postgraduate programmes across a vast range of disciplines. Coursework programmes are tailored to suit the needs of working people, while research programmes allow you to delve deeper into a specific interest and become part of the intellectual stronghold that contributes to the global accumulation and application of knowledge. The university is committed to developing and applying knowledge that is relevant to the needs of society, and its strong network of partnerships with business and industry creates interesting opportunities for research and technology transfer.
Research strengths
Much of Nelson Mandela University’s research occurs within the following focus areas, but is not limited to:
• The environment and ecology
• Marine and estuary studies
• Optic fibres and electron microscopy
• Mathematics and science education
• Nursing and community health
• Architecture and the built environment
• Engineering technology
• Art and design
• Chemical technology
• IT programming and IT systems support
• Academic development

NMU Alumni Website

The Nelson Mandela University official website is quite different from the alumni website and can be accessed via On the website, you can find news updates and magazines of NMU Students who graduated years ago.

Make your contribution to the University

  • Go to
  • Fill in your details correctly and be sure to select the monthly contribution option You are comfortable with.
  • Enter what You want the contribution to be used for.
  • When You are done simply enter the security code shown in the picture next to the submit button then submit.

How to update your Nelson Mandela University Alumni profile

You can easily update your profile on the website by following the steps below.

  • Go to to update your profile
  • Search the database with your email address.
  • If no match is found: Refine your details by providing extra information such as date of Birth, ID number.
  • After submitting your details:
    • You will receive an email with an encrypted link that identifies you.
    • Click the link and you will be taken to the detailed update page, where you can check and make changes to all your details.

Please note:
If you want to change your name or surname, you must attach a certified copy of your identity document. In case of changing your marital status, please attach a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

If You have lost any certificates, the Institution has records of all certificates and You can recover them from the Nelson Mandela University Student records, (fees may apply).


All complaints should be forwarded to the following contacts;

The main function of this division is to coordinate and manage alumni relations and associations with the University. This involves developing and maintaining local, national, and international alumni groups through online and offline communications.

Alumni enquiries:

Physical Address

Alumni Relations Office

Block D, Room 0003

North Campus, Summerstrand

Postal Address

PO Box 77000

Nelson Mandela University

Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 6031

Nelson Mandela University Alumni Relations Staff

Name: Mr Paul Geswindt

Position: Director: Alumni Relations

Qualifications: BComEd, BComHons, PGDE, MA

Location: Summerstrand Campus (North)

Telephone: 27 41 504 3935

Fax: 27 41 504 1417

Email: [email protected]

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