Marie Stopes Sierra Leone Jobs 2021 for Centre Community Base Mobilizer

Marie Stopes Sierra Leone Jobs 2021 for Centre Community Base Mobilizer available. See details below on how to apply for the position of Centre Community Base Mobilizer in Marie Stopes Sierra Leone .

Over the years, Marie Stopes Sierra Leone (MSSL) has been providing SRH & FP services to women and girls across the country in collaboration with GoSL and several other partners and various sets of stakeholders that share our vision of a Sierra Leone where every birth is wanted.
Community Based Mobilisers (CBMs) are the pinnacle to demand creation being that they are at the frontline and interface with the clients on a day-to-day basis.


Job Title: Centre Community Base Mobilizer
Location: Makeni, Sierra Leone
Reference #: CBM19082021
Contract Type: Contract 5 Months

Job Summary:
The key responsibilities of the Community Based Mobilizer will be as below:
1. To engage clients in catchment areas of the centres
2. To conduct monthly trainings in secondary schools, universities, colleges of education and educational institutions (with records of attendance and photos) as may be determined by the Service Marketing Manager, Youth and Adolescent Mobilising Officers (YAMOs) or their
3. To engage in daily one-on-one demand creation activities (talking to clients personally in their homes/business places) targeting clients with financial potential to pay for MSSL services especially the PAC at centers.
4. To carry out daily awareness and demand creation in slums, major and minor market centers, shops, provision shops, hair dressing saloons, restaurants, banks, pharmacies, drug stores, clinics, hospitals offices, beaches, ‘ataya’ bases, etc and refer clients to MSSL Centres. The number of daily visits will be part of the criteria or targets.
5. Follow a stipulated marketing strategy of the center he/she is assigned to.
6. Sharing of social media write ups and banners posted by service marketing manager and YAMO.
7. Timely submission of reports, sharing lessons learnt.
8. Generate demand for promotion as per MSSL promotion calendar and clearly explain to clients the promotion and the free MSSL services available to clients. You should adhere to all the requirements of the promotion.
9. To use available resources to carry out daily activities such as mega phones for market places, fliers and other promotional materials
10. You should give out referral cards to people that you are sure of visiting the centers
11. You should always demonstrate client-centered behavior (friendliness to clients, dress appropriately etc., etc) in your work.
12. Conduct weekly activity planning meetings (every Monday) with the participation of the Center Manager or his/her designate before going on demand creation trips. Record minutes of the meetings and submit to the YAMOs.
13. Clients should be informed about the services and clearly understand what they need before they are given referral cards as per choice for the methods below:
a) IUD Insertion & removal
b) Implant insertion & removal
c) Tubal Ligation
d) Cervical cancer screening,

a) FP Counselling, IUD Insertion
b) FP Counselling, Implant Insertion
c) Counselling and procedure
d) Counselling, screening, result sharing
and treatment
e) Counselling, and procedure.

a. Applicants must have a Diploma/BSc. or its equivalent in Marketing, Social Works, Nursing or
Public Health.
b. You must have an updated CV and application letter.
c. You must bring a passport picture size photo.
d. Applicants should have a background in youth mobilization or must have been part any form
of social group as a member.
e. Must be able to speak English eloquently and the popular local language in their catchment
f. Must be trustworthy and credible.
g. Strong inter and intrapersonal communication skills
h. Must have good listening skill and must always be ready to adhere to directives.
i. Must be Pro-choice
j. Must be a confidential person and will always keep the secret of clients.
k. Must have good writing skills
l. Must be able to engage any youth gathering or high caliber of people

To Apply:

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Application Deadline: 26/08/2021

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