Lushomo Jobs 2020 for Another Junior account manager

Lushomo Jobs 2020 for Another Junior account manager available. See details below on how to apply for the position of a   Another Junior account manager in Lushomo.

Lushomo helps partner organisations do good by communicating complex information in a simple, effective way. We work mainly with United Nations clients in the areas of health, environment, education and economic development. Our job is to make it possible for our partner organisations to take their research and evidence and communicate it for real impact among a variety of audiences. We are mission driven and only take on work that has a positive social impact. As a team we are growing, and becoming leaders in information design and research communication.



Job Title: Another Junior account manager
Location: South Africa

We have recruited one more junior account manager in recent months but we now are looking to add another. This will be someone with a blend of creativity and technical know-how who is organised, quick to learn and works well under pressure within a small team. Working with us, there is plenty of scope for growth in a number of career areas, particularly in the area of information design, working with the UN and project management. If you like it here, and we work well together, the idea would be for you to learn and grow into a more responsible account management role over time. This will eventually entail communicating directly with clients to manage complex projects from start to finish.
You will be working within a core team of eight and a wider group of freelancers from around the world. This job involves a high level of creative collaboration, including frequent meetings to brainstorm, give input and receive feedback on various communication products. We often work under pressure to meet tough deadlines and within tight budgets but the work tasks are varied and each day is different from the rest. We are always pushing the boundaries to learn new technical skills (such as interactive data design, UX design, augmented reality etc.) and keep our products fresh and relevant in a fast-changing communications landscape.

Your main role initially will be to manage individual tasks within some of our existing projects, including on reproductive and maternal health, education, and malaria research. This will involve digesting and summarizing research from our partner organisations, helping to generate solutions, communicating our ideas to designers and developers, and some data analysis. A large component of the work is conceptualising products that communicate the information and data visually, such as data visualisations, infographics, animations etc. This will require a lot of creative thinking and it is important that you have an interest in design and will enjoy developing these products in a very iterative process.

This job involves:

  • Understanding and communicating statistics and technical writing
  • Conceptualising visuals, maps and infographics from data and text
  • Writing and editing content for websites and reports
  • Desk-based research about our partner organisations’ projects and topics, as well as trends in design and technology
  • Communicating with and briefing technical experts (designers and developers etc.)
  • Help with proposal writing and business administration
  • General helping out we are small team so we all do a bit of everything

The applicant should:

  • Be an adaptable team player and enjoy working in a collaborative environment.
  • Have a Master’s degree in public health, development, communications or another relevant research field.
  • Be able to simply and effectively communicate data and concepts.
  • Have a good understanding of numbers, graphs and statistics.
  • Be creative, with an interest in design.
  • Be able to think visually.
  • Have an eye for detail.

Also beneficial:

  • Previous experience working in visual design or another communications-related field.
  • Knowledge of GIS, Tableau, PowerBI or other data processing software.
  • Language skills, particularly in any of the 5 UN languages other than English.

To apply 

If you’re interested in joining the team please submit this form and required documentation:

We will review applications on a rolling, weekly basis beginning 25 September 2020, and the application form will remain open until the position has been filled.

Application Deadline: Friday, 30 October, 2020
For more information please visit

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