LABOR WISE Jobs 2020 for HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANTS available. See details below on how to apply for the position of a HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANTS in LABOR WISE.

Human Resources (HR) Consultant Description
HR consultants, work independently or through a consulting firm on the required bases or on the project base. They may be contracted to address specific issues, and remain on retainer until the issues are resolved. They may even be contracted to completely overhaul a company’s human capital, in which case their contract may extend anywhere from several months to more than a year.
Duties and Responsibilities
•	Advising client management on the administration of human resources policies and procedures
•	Serving as external consultants to clients by analyzing a company’s current HR programs and recommending solutions
•	Developing, revising, and implementing HR policies and procedures
•	Assisting with the development and coordination of recommended changes regarding workflow
•	Conducting audits of HR activities to ensure compliance
•	Presenting training sessions related to specific HR programs
•	Able to conduct and initiate disciplinary hearing.
•	Able to chair disciplinary Hearing 
•	Able to represent CCMA hearings.
Education: Degree or diploma in HR essential
Experience: Minimum 2 years 
The CV’s can be emailed to By no later than due date for the CV’s is the 18th of September 2020.

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