Funding Options For Unizulu Students Scholarship 2021

Funding Options For Unizulu Students Scholarship Programme 2021

The Funding Options For Unizulu Students is currently looking to fund undergraduates looking for scholarships.

There are ways for you to fund your studies at the University of Zululand. Don’t worry about it. You’ll soon be a student at Unizulu and funding won’t have to be a big issue for you. If you want that reality, read further.

Before registering as a student at the University of Zululand, you need to determine whether you will have sufficient funds to finance your studies. Don’t let the stress get to you and rather have the energy to find a solution be fueled.

Merit Bursaries for first year matric students: This bursary is for first year matric students that performed at achievement levels of between 7 and 5. The University funds them fully from registration, and continue to fund them if they continue to pass and drop no modules during the course of their studies.

Merit Bursaries for senior students: These look at the top performers last year or year last registered on campus. Unizulu focuses on distinction and first class students that do not fail any module, undergraduate academic programme, and doing the full number of modules in any particular year. Awarding in subsequent years is dependent on similar performance.

Financially Needy Financial Assistance: Unizulu provides assistance to financially needy students and they need to either personally apply or get referred to the University by the Faculties and the Office of The Dean of Students.. Students should contact Mr TT Mthiyane at 035 9026682 or 035 9026307 for more information.

Social Work Bursaries: These are administered by the Department of Social Development for students wanting to study social work. For more information, visit their website.(link is external)

ISFAP Funding: The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP) is government initiative to provide financial assistance to very poor, poor and “missing middle” students. Read our article on ISFAP here.

Department of Labour Bursaries: Students with disabilities qualify for (apart from any other bursaries) for bursaries from the Department of Labour and are required to apply directly at the Department for these bursaries.

Funza Lushaka Bursary Scheme: Bursaries are available to enable eligible students to complete a teaching qualification in an area of national priority. Read our article on the Funza Lushaka Bursary Scheme here.

NSFAS: NSFAS offers fully subsidized free higher education and training for poor and working class South Africans where there is up to R350,000 household income per year. This bursary includes tuition fees, learning materials allowances, transport allowances and living allowances. More information can be found here.(link is external)

Fundi: Fundi offers students loans to fund their studies. Visit their website here for more information.

Feenix: This is a student programme that uses the process of fundraising in order to help students fund their studies. Read our article on Feenix here.

Banks: Many South African banks offer loans for students looking to fund their studies. Read our article to find out which banks offer student loans.

For further financial assistance, go visit the Financial Aid office at your campus.

For funding separate from your university and their Financial Aid office, you can search through the Bursaries Portal to see which bursaries are available to you as a student.

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