Boland TVET College Closing dates 2021: late applications

Boland TVET College Closing dates 2021: The Boland TVET College Late applications and the closing dates for early/first applications to the BTC 2021 Admissions exercise has been announced. Check the full details on BTC Closing dates for 2021 applications below.


The Boland TVET College (BTC) wishes to bring to the notice of all prospective students that the applications for 2021 is expected to close before the end of June. All Students who wish to apply should make haste before the Boland TVET College deadline.

The Boland TVET College Late applications acts as a second opportunity for those who could partake in the first Boland TVET College application for 2021 Year. Anyone who is really concerned about getting admitted into the BTC would not be waiting for second chances.

However, there are many reasons why you may be opting in for late applications and We understand that too. You will have to make sure the BTC application process is ongoing, that is to say the closing dates has not been reached.

Boland TVET College Applications 2021 – Late/Closing dates

The first thing to consider before proceeding to apply is the requirements for admission. To be on the safe side, you must ascertain that you have met up to the minimum requirements stipulated by the Institution.

Start with these steps to apply:

  • Go to the applications page.
  • under the first sub-heading, the link to the official site has been provided, click on the link.
  • On the official application site, You may be required to create an account, to begin the application process. Create one.
  • The page carries more information on the process.

We wish you good luck, with your admission pursuit.

Contact for more info on applications and deadlines

You can contact the BTC for any enquires, or complaints you may be having with how to apply.

Go to to make queries.

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